Sanitizing Shopping Cart Wash

Medical Grade Cleaning in the Grocery Store.

We know your customers are your top priority. We also understand that there are no shortcuts when it comes to sanitization, as well as customer and employee safety. Consumer expectations regarding sanitization have been increasing over the past 10+ years, but Covid-19 has now made it a base customer requirement. In order to get customers to return to the grocery stores of the future, you need to build trust that the stores are safe places to shop.

Cleanliness and sanitization will be key ingredients in the building of consumer confidence, and shopping carts will be looked upon as ground zero for potential virus and germ spread.

This is where the Bluewater Sanitizing Shopping Cart Wash comes into play. We put carts through 3 stages of cleaning that sanitizes shopping carts autonomously and completely in a medical-grade environment. The carts go in dirty and come out the other end completely sanitized. 

At a glance

Gone are the days of manually washed carts that leave germs behind. Carts simply enter in and come out the other side sanitized!

  • Medical-Grade Sanitization
  • Automated
  • Doesn’t Require Staffing
  • Offers Competitive Advantage
  • Creates Customer Peace of Mind

How it's used

The Current State

Retailers are doing their best to keep up with the increased needs for sanitization, but cleaning carts is mainly dependent upon hourly workers manually washing them and it can leave consumers uneasy. We know the current approach isn’t viable for the long-run and isn’t a solution for what most consumers will expect post-pandemic. As consumers ourselves, we found ourselves constantly asking:

  • What kind of training have the employees received?
  • Are they cleaning carts thoroughly?
  • Did they miss spots?
  • How do I know which spots they didn’t clean?
  • What if they aren’t wearing a mask?
  • What if they’re sick?

A Medical Grade Solution

Manual sanitization can miss spots, and leave employees and customers exposed to viruses and bacteria. Plus, it can be overwhelming to manage during busy periods. Bluewater has created a medical-grade cleaning system to safely, quickly, and completely wash carts. Schedule a discussion with an expert today to learn more. 

  • Medical-grade cleaning system
  • Industrial quality with automation
  • Reassures customers when integrated at the start of their shopping experience
  • 9-12 month ROI when compared to paying hourly workers
  • Additional ROI created when shoppers trust coming to your store over others
  • Multiple levels of cleaning (sanitizing solution, UV light, & more)

At A Glance: How it Works

Everything from the disinfectant used, to the speed of completion is designed to create a complete level of sanitization. Efficiency without compromising safety is what the Bluewater Sanitizing Cart Wash is all about. Our three staged system focuses on disinfecting, high heat drying, and even UV light to kill any remaining bacteria or viruses. 

  • Sprinkler misting system sprays carts with disinfectant solution
  • Conveyor belt pulls the carts through the station
  • High temperature air dryer blows carts dry and heats them to help kill leftover germs
  • UV light stations kill any remaining viruses or bacteria on carts before being sent to the exit ramp
  • Carts exit the wash ready for use by a customer

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