Enhancing the Fan Experience at Bank of America Stadium

Bluewater collaborated with MKTG to design and implement an engaging LED soccer activation for Ally Financial, a leader in digital financial services. Positioned in the bustling concourse of the Bank of America Stadium, this activation was crafted to enhance fan experiences during Charlotte Football Club matches, aligning seamlessly with Ally’s sponsorship.


  • Interactive LED Screen: This custom-built LED display featured high-resolution graphics and responsive touchpoints that reacted in real-time to the impact of the soccer ball.
  • Real-time Engagement: Utilizing motion sensors and interactive graphics, participants saw immediate visual feedback on the screen, with each successful hit illustrating a deposit into one of Ally’s Savings Buckets.
  • Educational Content: Beyond the game, the activation provided participants with useful information about managing their finances using Ally’s services, making finance fun and accessible.

The activation was a resounding success, drawing large crowds throughout the event and generating significant online and social media engagement. Fans not only left with a deeper understanding of Ally’s services but experienced firsthand how saving can be as engaging and rewarding as the game of soccer itself.

  • Fan Engagement: Hundreds of fans participated each game day, with many returning during the season for another chance to interact with the display.
  • Brand Visibility: Amplified Ally’s visibility among a diverse audience, reinforcing its position as a forward-thinking financial institution.
  • Digital Integration: Seamlessly integrated digital content that enriched the fan experience while promoting Ally’s innovative banking solutions.


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