Dynamic Format Displays

Make your store a stage.

Traditional displays have become rather ubiquitous. The TV’s we use at home look similar to the displays found out in the wild. Walk through any public space, and you’ll see several more in different sizes, and maybe even some in different orientations. Dynamic format displays, or architecturally integrated media, refers to the combination and creative application of various display technologies into visually interesting configurations; or maybe it’s easier to say it’s leveraging technology to create art. 

In relation to retail, your guests may walk past a single display hanging in a store without giving it a passing glance. Any number of dynamic format display, on the other hand, will certainly draw eyes. Projection mapping, mosaic displays and architecturally integrated LED all provide out-of-the-ordinary visual experiences that help you to make the world your canvas. Quite literally, every surface, whether it be walls, floors, or tabletops can now be made into an interactive canvas for reinforcing your brand story. 

This creates a dynamic new canvas that can transform your spaces into something entirely new: a performance stage.


At a glance

Display technology that can turn every surface into a dynamic visual canvas. 

  • Projection Mapping
  • LED Video 
  • Video Wall
  • Mosaic Displays
  • Transparent Display

How it's used

Video Wall

Combining displays together allows you to create a larger overall display, with much higher resolution. This is done using a variety of display tech ranging from everyday LCD’s, to purpose built thin bezel displays or rear projection cubes.  


An assortment of Architecturally patterned displays. Designs are most commonly created using various size LCD panels, as well as purpose built square panels. 


Projection can be used to cover large surfaces and convert them into dynamic displays. The light can cover flat surfaces, or warp around shapes. 


Small square LED tiles are arranged in architecturally interesting shapes and patterns. The more LED used, the bigger the canvas. 

Transparent Display

Completely clear display surface that can change in an instant, hiding whatever is behind them with content.  

Our approach

We love creating unique visual canvases. While they can be rather complex, we’ve created a straightforward approach to designing, installing, and supporting display surfaces that have obscure aspect ratios, shapes, and sizes. 

This starts with our in house creative team. Taking into consideration the environmental factors, our designers pull together spatial designs based around the appropriate display technology. Our engineers then work out the technical details while the designers shift to creating content. 

Because our design team understands the technology driving these displays, they are able to create pixel perfect compositions that account for any negative space between display components. These art files makes it easier for your internal teams to update content by working within a template that outputs the correct files – we take the guesswork out of things. Of course, we’re happy to provide ongoing design services when desired, to keep your content looking fresh. 


Opportunity Alignment
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Collaborative process to create directional agreement & scope of work.

Dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Deliver on our joint statement of work.

Support & Measure
Bring it full circle to generate maximum impact.

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