To empower leaders & organizations

with capabilities that amplify their stories,

leaving a lasting impact.

Bluewater specializes in av integration and event technology services to create moving experiences for strong brands.

This means three things: a commitment to the flawless execution of every project we engage, continually pushing the boundaries of technology, and providing our partners with more than just tech.

We believe it’s the intersection of  strategy, creativity, and innovation that creates the strongest experiences, and we are passionate about creating the absolute best experiences possible for our partners. We offer deep expertise and shared vision for the impact that is trying to be made. From ideation to post project recap, we’ll stick close to ensure everything is exactly as it needs to be: flawless.

The experience working with Bluewater is always a positive one.
Customer Service is spot-on. We wanted to be bold and different. As you walk in the door you are literally immersed in a brand experience.

Dawn McDonald, Marketing Communications Leader

I gotta say you are my high end AV company going forward. I was blown away by your service, attention to detail, organization, prep work ... I've never had an AV experience like this. Jason is amazing, and I am never going to a big show without BLUEWATER.

Brian Butler, Skyline Boston

We always knew that they were exercising good judgement on behalf of us, so that the product that we got in the end was exactly what we were looking for.

Pamela Imerato, Davenport University


Bluewater was founded in 1985 by two brothers: Tom Schoeneberger & Paul Rose. Initially named “BlueWater Visual Services,” the company operated out of the garage at Paul’s family home on Brookside Drive in Southfield, MI. At the time, Bluewater provided simple AV equipment rental — namely TVs on carts.

Rapidly evolving in response to changes in technology and the demands of customers, Bluewater quickly grew to become one of the most trusted event staging and AV integrators

in the country. From TVs and VCRs on carts in the ’80s, to high-end projection systems and LED video walls in the ’90s, to the experiential elements of the 2000s, Bluewater has always pushed the boundaries of new technology and maintained a focus on excellence. Today, Bluewater continues to push boundaries and pursue excellence standing behind a firm commitment to delivering the flawless execution of each & every project we are involved in. The resulting commitment to excellence is an impressive client roster, including some of the most well known brand names in the world.