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Retail Design & Layout

The impact of design.

Store design plays a large role in the new retail. Cavernous retail stores filled with products are being displaced by smaller footprint shops that carry a more boutique offering. These new stores often serve a very different purpose. This includes product trial, product curation, hands-on trial, and education as opposed to simply serving as a point of transaction.

This new retail environment has completely changed the customer experience. Customers now expect the high-end feel of a fancy showroom with interior design trends to match.

From the design and layout of the space itself to the content that fills the screens, design plays a critical role in this new type of retail. It creates a unique store experience and offers visuals to help educate and entice customers to action. Our retail design consultants excel at supporting brands with the design solutions needed to help concept and visualize spaces for planning, create activations and window displays, and provide ongoing support for digital signage, print pieces, and other in-store visual assets.

At a glance

Retail design services to support content needs. 

  • Digital Signage Content
  • Window Displays
  • Environment Design
  • Activations
  • Large Format Content
  • Lighting Design

How it's used

Digital Signage Content

Keep your storefront updated with minimal effort and ensure relevant information stays prominently displayed. Our design group is experts at creating digital signage content; a blend of subtle motion and static elements.

  • Content Strategy
  • Motion Visuals
  • Content Updates
  • Design Templates

Environment Design

Conceptualize retail space for planning. Collaborate on building fixtures & displays, in-store activations, or entire environments for flagship stores, store-within-a-store, or retail pop-up shops. 

  • CAD / 3D Blueprints
  • Material Selection
  • Store Technology
  • Spatial Sketches

Large Format Content

With the cost of display canvases coming down, larger format surfaces are becoming more common. Whether video walls, mosaic displays, projection mapping, or others, these canvases make a visual impact.

  • Video Walls
  • Mosaic Walls
  • Projection
  • Video Flooring
  • Frame Sync Video
  • LED Walls


A single source to design, build, and deploy in-store interactives. We work with customers to create compelling activations to increase traffic and engage customers. 

  • Activation Design
  • Programming
  • Hardware
  • Content

Our approach

We work with our clients to handle retail projects that start from visualizations. This includes ideation for new store concepts, activations, and providing ongoing digital signage content. We excel at creating impactful designs that capture the attention of customers.

We start each program with alignment conversations to understand the objectives. From there, we explore options, develop a strategy, and create sample content. Once approved, it’s off to production and delivery.

We don’t just design. We build and deploy thousands of environments for retail clients every year. From endcaps and gondolas to activations and entire environments, we are a retail design consultancy focused on helping our customers create an attractive space that resonates well with customers and drives them to action.

Opportunity Alignment
What’s the desired outcome? Where are the guardrails?

Collaborative process to create directional agreement & scope of work.

Dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Deliver on our joint statement of work.

Support & Measure
Bring it full circle to generate maximum impact.

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