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AV-as-a-Service (AVaaS)

The AV as a Service approach ensures your AV control systems stay modern, and that your people all can easily use them.

AVaaS subscriptions provide access to all of the AV solutions and support services required to never have to think about system operation again; no more prolonged downtime, reviews of hardware, or tied up IT team resources. Access AV integration, audio visual preventative maintenance, ongoing training, on-demand help desk, and more – whenever and wherever you need it.

Make the most of your audio visual investment by leveraging the benefits of a subscription model.

Monthly Payments

Ditch the heartburn over large dollar capex expenditures on AV technology, all while getting the kind of support you need for a low monthly fee.

Automatic Refresh

Maintain an innovative edge in your office with managed services. Technology refresh occurs automatically every few years, keeping your systems modern & clean.

On-Demand Support

Access to a world class help desk 24/7, request system training as needed, and sleep tight knowing a proven preventative AV maintenance approach has you covered.

Industry Certified Technical Support.

Our bench of talent is top-rated in the audiovisual space. We continue to add CTS certifications throughout our organization and are recognized as an APEx company. This means we have a rigid process in place, hold continued education and certification in high regard, and continually receive positive customer remarks through a third-party evaluation.

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What is AVaaS?

Audiovisual as a service, or AVaaS, is a subscription-based model for the deployment, management, and upkeep of audiovisual systems and AV hardware. Rather than the traditional Capital Expenditure (CapEx) approach to purchasing expensive AV/IT assets and then depreciating them over many years, companies opt to subscribe to the equipment and related service turning it into an Operating Expense (OpEx). This approach removes the burden of large AV purchases every 5-7 years, makes budgeting for technology deployments easier, and ensures that your office stays outfitted with modern collaboration and communication tools. AVaaS contracts typically range 36-60 months and ensure that your workplace technology is always modern, clean, in working order, and most importantly – that your team has access to the support required to make the most of these tools!

Why should I consider AVaaS?

The traditional approach of spending capital dollars to purchase technology doesn’t work for many modern businesses. The tech landscape is constantly evolving, as are the technology needs of the modern workforce, and the AV equipment can quickly lose its value over its short lifecycle. Pair this with the fact that equipment is often depreciated over 5 years, with the hopes of getting 7 or more out of it, and you can quickly see why many businesses are opting to not make large capital investments in audiovisual systems.

Many businesses are switching to an AVaaS model instead, which allows them to keep their tech stack modern with automatic refreshes occurring every 3 to 5 years, and ongoing AV service and support that ensures reliability of systems, and that even the most non-technical users are able to operate them. This approach frees up capital to be invested where it counts; in people, R&D or marketing initiatives.

Keep staff happy by providing modern systems, make budgeting for new technology easier with a flat monthly fee, and give your business an innovative edge with reduced labor costs and systems scalability. Get peace of mind knowing that we have you covered.

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