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Retail Brand Activation Services

Create memorable experiences.

We’re uniquely positioned to design, develop, and deploy interactive store experiences, entirely in-house. Our brand experiences team is staffed with engineers, designers, and developers who are focused on the creation of bespoke customer-facing marketing activations for flagship stores, or retail chains at scale.

Since we’re all in one house, our designers and developers have the opportunity to explore what is possible with various pro AV technologies before they design activations. This allows us to ensure all systems are operational long before we go live with experiences. We excel at connecting various technologies together with well-produced content to create effective brand activations.

Experiential Marketing is here.

Retailers require a new type of experience, and technology is driving much of the change occurring. From personalizing the experience for visitors and employees to outfitting the floor with powerful educational tools, the function of retail has shifted to embrace the customer experience.

What is a brand activation event?

A brand activation is an interactive experience that allows a customer to engage with the brand. Activations can happen through events, meetings, audio/visual environmental experiences, and other marketing campaigns. Brand activations can be used to inspire an audience, educate a customer, attract and retain talent, and help a business make more sales.

Branded activations are helpful in increasing access to your subject matter experts, who can help explain and explore product offerings. They can aid in traffic attraction as well, providing interest to the storefront to help draw in customers. Most importantly, they can help drive growth offering the most compelling canvas for storytelling and consistency in the delivery of brand messaging.


At a glance

Interactive experiences that draw in traffic, educate consumers, and influence purchase.

  • Concept & Engineering
  • Software Development
  • UI/UX & Design
  • Social Media Integration
  • Hardware
  • Environmental
  • Deployment

How it's used

Concept & Engineering

Support for concepting and validating brand activation ideas. Services to visualize and communicate the idea back to your clients. Ideation, technical validation, & design.

  • Activation Ideation
  • Technical Assessment
  • Hardware & Software
  • Brief Development
  • UI/UX Development
  • Consultation & Research

Software Development

A single source to assist with design, build, and deployment of custom brand activations. From creative support and software engineering, to securing the required hardware and providing on-site technical support – we make tech-heavy activations easy.   

  • Lead Generation
  • Surveys
  • Custom Interactives
  • Web 
  • Mobile
  • Sensor (NFC, RFID)

UI/UX & Design

Our group of artists and animators bring compelling visuals to life. This can be just as helpful during planning & concepting as it is during development. We’re especially adept at creating content for unconventional displays; content mapping, videowalls, and non-aspect ratio displays. 

  • Customer Interactives 
  • Content Animation
  • Scenic Assets
  • Video Content 
  • UI/UX


With deep roots in Pro-AV we make it simple to gather everything you need to run today’s technology-forward activations.

  • LED 
  • Projection
  • Networking
  • Sensors
  • Touchscreens 
  • Media Servers


Immersing an audience often requires transforming the environment. Whether through lighting, scenic set pieces, print graphics, custom millwork, or any number of visual technologies, our team makes it easy to create the right environment for your target audience.

  • Lighting
  • Projection
  • Millwork
  • Print Graphics 
  • Scenic Pieces
  • Structural

Our approach

We are constantly building new concepts for our clients, and for ourselves. We love exploring how creativity and technology can play off one another to generate unique moments, and create value for our clients. 

Each activation begins a bit differently in nature – some requests demand boundaries to be pushed to explore new ideas, others are seeking fresh ideas that won’t break the bank. Our approach starts the same – ensure there is alignment around the desired outcomes and then deliver creative ways to explore concepts, make refinements, and lock in a scope of work. 

We’re uniquely positioned to bring ideas like these to life. Our in-house creative and software teams work hand-in-hand with our audiovisual engineers and our fabricators to ensure everything fits and operate exactly as expected. The addition of our fixture & environment teams allows us to also add the fit and finish required for many of these types of activations. This provides clients access to a single source for activation fulfillment at scale. 


Opportunity Alignment
What’s the desired outcome? Where are the guardrails?

Collaborative process to create directional agreement & scope of work.

Dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Deliver on our joint statement of work.

Support & Measure
Bring it full circle to generate maximum impact.

Ready to create new customer experiences? 

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