Elevating Xerox's Presence at the 2023 Printing United Expo

Our team was excited to collaborate with Partners + Napier to enhance the Xerox trade show booth at the 2023 Printing United Expo. Tasked with drawing attention to Xerox’s exhibit located at the hall’s end within the expo, our team was eager to support a tech-forward company like Xerox in showcasing their innovation.

Departing from conventional printed banners, Bluewater proposed and executed an innovative approach by integrating LED banners, redefining the visual impact and engagement level for Xerox. The centerpiece of the booth was a striking LED banner that seamlessly curved around the top and perimeter of the Xerox booth.

The impressive LED banner installed by Bluewater’s Event Technology team served as a testament to the versatility of LED. It showcased that LED isn’t limited to video screens or flat displays; it can be innovatively utilized in diverse shapes and sizes to make a profound impact, as witnessed at the Xerox booth.

We also worked with Partners + Napier to engineer a booth layout that highlighted two of their impressive printers while also ensuring a seamless flow of traffic. This design allowed for six additional demo stations and two sample kiosks, all aimed at showcasing the impressive printing capabilities of Xerox.

Collaborating with Partners + Napier, our team was thrilled to translate their vision into a technologically focused and visually stunning booth for Xerox. Our fusion of innovative design and technology ensured seamless navigation and amplified exposure, delivering a captivating experience that showcased Xerox as a tech-forward company.

“The team at Bluewater worked as a seamless extension to our creative team, which really allowed us to lean on and amplify each other’s strengths and ultimately deliver a very successful experience for our clients.” – Claire Harvey, Partners + Napier

Bluewater takes pride in providing unconventional yet impactful solutions, demonstrating how technology, when strategically implemented, can elevate brand presence and create memorable experiences. We look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of event technology and partnering with visionary companies like Xerox to craft more remarkable event experiences.

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