Retail Experiences

The way consumers engage, and what they value has fundamentally changed. We create fixtures, displays & environments that appeal to the new retail customer.

Create unforgettable retail experiences.

We now live in an experience economy. The way consumers engage, and what they value, has fundamentally changed. There are new expectations for the retail experience: personalization of goods, the retail space as a playground instead of simply a place for point of sale, and shoppers buying for self identity instead of just for the product.

The physical space is also changing. Smaller footprints with more curated product offerings are replacing the cavernous department stores stocked with product. Retailers are also threading technology throughout the in-store experience.

The best companies are embracing a new model for brick & mortar. They understand the importance of technology-forward displays, fixtures, and environments, and their impact on the new retail customer.

What we offer.

  • Design & Engineering¬† – Fixtures, Displays, Environments
  • Fabrication & Assembly
  • Installation
  • Warehousing, Kitting, & Distribution
  • Digital Content
  • Branded Activations & Experiences
  • Store Entertainment
  • Digital Signage

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The process of working with Bluewater has been really good, and I would recommend Bluewater to others based on our experience throughout this whole project.


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