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Experiential Activations That Resonate and Deliver Results

Crafting Memorable Experiences for Lasting Brand Impact

Experiential activations significantly enhance brand recall and drive product growth by establishing deep emotional connections with consumers. These immersive and engaging interactions leave lasting impressions, boosting consumer recall during future purchasing decisions. When executed effectively, experiential events deliver high ROI. To stand out in today's competitive market, partnering with experts in influencer marketing, relationship building, and experiential marketing, combined with exceptional content creation and promotion, is crucial. Our team has a proven track record of creating impactful experiential brand and sponsorship activations for some of America's leading consumer brands.

Ready to Elevate your Brand Experience?

Drive Engagement & Extraordinary Recall

Strategy & Planning

It might be cliche, but it's the truth, we're asked what sets us apart and it's our process and our people. The depth of our strategic planning, from renders, to testing, alongside our clients its truly unique to the industry.

Educate & Entertain

Once on-site the planning & strategy turn into unblemished execution for your activation. Not only are attendees entertained but they're also educated ab out your product, brand, and/or event. We aim to create unforgettable moments that are recalled years down the road and create brand affinity.

Increase Brand Reach & Recall

Often times sponsorship activations occur in non-traditional spaces, or those that aren't associated with the brand or product. We aim to extend the reach of your brand into market segments never before thought of. Our sponsorship activations engage customers at the highest level so that when a purchase decision looms, the purchaser can recall the experience and the brand that made them feel excited, joyful, and worthy of their spend.

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Bring your Brand to Life

We help brands & agencies alike create, and bring to life extraordinary sponsorship and brand activations in a variety of consumer facing settings. 

Bluewater offers a suite of services to partner with you no matter what stage of the project you are in . This includes access to all of the av gear you might need, support with technology design, access to our software team that can build nearly anything from scratch, our design focused creative team, and our on-site experts with decades of event and activation experience. 

We make sure your brand, or your client is remembered for all of the right reasons when your activation is over. Flawless execution paired with endless partner focused preparation generates world-class experiences. 

At a glance

Everything you need to innovate in the brand activation space. From strategy, to deployment & on-site tech support. 

  • Concept & Engineering
  • Strategy & Dssign
  • UX/UI Design & Development
  • Activation Hardware
  • Environment Technology Build
  • Deployment
  • On-Site Activation Management
  • Analytics

Some of the areas we excel

Concept & Design

Support for concepting and validating brand activation ideas. Services to visualize and communicate the idea back to your clients. Ideation, technical validation, & design.

  • Activation Ideation
  • Technical Assessments
  • Hardware & Software
  • Creative Brief Development
  • UI/UX Creation
  • Consultation & Research

Software & Engineering

A single source to assist with design, build, and deployment of custom brand activations. From creative support and software engineering, to securing the required hardware and providing on-site technical support – we make tech-heavy activations easy.

  • Customer Surveys
  • Lead Generation
  • Creative & Custom Interactions
  • Web Based Interactive
  • Online/Off-Line Syncronization

Experience Design

Our group of artists and animators bring compelling visuals to life. This can be just as helpful during planning & concepting as it is during development. We’re especially adept at creating content for unconventional displays; content mapping, videowalls, and non-aspect ratio displays.

  • Customer Interactives 
  • Content Animation
  • Scenic Assets
  • Video Content 
  • UI/UX


Easy access to a substantial inventory of rental equipment for when you don’t want to purchase, and to all the professional hardware that’s required when you do. We make it simple to gather everything you need to run today’s technology-forward activations.

  • LED
  • Projection & Projection Mapping
  • Sensors
  • Networking
  • Touchscreens
  • Media Servers


Immersing an audience often requires transforming the environment. Whether through lighting, scenic set pieces, print graphics, custom millwork, or any number of visual technologies, our team makes it easy to create the right environment.

  • Lighting
  • Permanent Lead Capture
  • Millwork
  • Temporary Structures
  • Scenic Spaces
  • Print Graphics

Our Approach

We know that a sponsorship or brand activation gone wrong can have a lasting negative impression on your brand, sales, and even consumer reputation. Activations are often complex from start to finish, and your’s may require differing levels of our involvement.Whether you need help with designing your activation, dreaming up the possible, executing it, infusing technology within, or finding ways to measure it’s impact and success, Bluewater has you covered.

Our project process has been developed over decades of implementation. When we tell you we’ve seen it all, we really probably have! We combine a thoughtful, highly strategic approach with action-oriented strategies that involve our clients at every step of the way. Our goal is to create consistency at all stages including execution and on-site-support which often go overlooked by others once the connecting is complete. We want your activation to be spoken about for yours to comes in a meaningful and rewarding way. Our goal is always to create and execute award winning activations that drive top line sales and a positive ROI.

Opportunity Alignment
What’s the desired outcome? Where are the guardrails?

Collaborative process to create directional agreement & scope of work.

Dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Deliver on our joint statement of work.

Support & Measure
Bring it full circle to generate maximum impact.

Leave a Lasting Impression.

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