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Mattress manufacturer Corsicana needed a new home to showcase products from 8 combined brands that they operate. This decision came shortly after the acquisition of Symbol Mattresses, which also had a retail showroom. Consolidating these spaces made a lot of sense. To support this endeavor, Corsicana turned to the retail specialists at Bluewater to design, build, and support the new space. B-1280 in the World Market Center brings together 8 brands, and over 80 mattresses within a 21,000 sq ft showroom.

“Along with celebrating our 50th Anniversary, the opening of our new showroom marks a major milestone for Corsicana as we bring our brands and team members under one roof,” said Mike Thompson, president and CEO of Corsicana. “In order to make a bold statement, we knew we needed to create an innovative way to showcase our mattresses, educate our customers and convey our brand’s new positioning.  The showroom’s new layout and aesthetic represents the direction that the company and the brands are going.”

As the General Contractor for the space, Bluewater helped guide the design and architecture to a fully functional retail space. Our team navigated the permitting, selecting contractors, fulfilling the custom builds, and sourcing required design elements for each branded environment within the showroom.

The entrance of the showroom features a beautiful, welcoming reception desk complete with attractive digital backdrop. Bluewater built this cabinetry out of MDF core with high-density lacquer finish, and finished it with a clean solid surface top.

Each of the 8 Corsicana brands were placed within their own branded environment within the showroom. These spaces all included various types of wall coverings that each represented the style for that brand, hard signage to identify the brand, and fixtures, furniture, and decor to help finish off each space making it feel more like home.

The showroom also had a custom built cafe. The cabinetry was similar to the reception area – MDF core with high density lacquer finish. This provided the needed area for catering prep when needed, and light refreshments for everyday use.

A few private offices round out the space. These rooms have full glass walls and provide an area for more private conversations with customers, vendors and staff. Bluewater also supported the deployment of networking throughout the space.

Corsicana’s portfolio includes American Bedding, J. Beckon, Renue, SleepFresh, NightsBridge, Sleep Inc., Tommie Copper, and Symbol Mattress. To learn more about Corsicana, head on over to their website!

Interested in seeing the space? You don’t have to fly to Vegas to visit the new showroom. You can take the trip online here!

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