Digital displays as luxe as the jewelry they feature.

Back in 2018, our Bluewater team got the opportunity to help Tapper’s Jewelry Store launch their new Somerset Collection location, complete with an eye-catching 3×3 video wall that showed off the glitz and glam of their products front and center within the store. 

So, when it came time to do a refresh of the AV inside their flagship store at Orchard Mall, we were excited to team up again with JGA to help upgrade the signage and AV equipment inside Tapper’s Orchard Mall in order to better showcase the stunning jewelry they featured inside. 

Our Bluewater team installed customer sales digital signage throughout the store so that Tapper’s could easily showcase their branding, or even market the different jewelry promotions that run for holiday campaigns or sales. Four 65” Samsung displays were installed total, each using BrightSign digital signage. 

One of the digital signage displays was installed in the “bar area” of the store, which was a great opportunity to cater to customers who were waiting for an appointment or accompanying someone else who was shopping in the store. During promotions, the display could easily feature marketing collateral, or if someone wanted to have a drink and watch TV while their partner did some shopping, the display could easily be switched over to a cable TV channel. This feature helps to draw in customers and keep them entertained in the store longer. 

In addition to the digital signage our Bluewater team installed throughout the store, we also installed audio speakers within Tapper’s that can play background music or marketing messaging while customers were shopping. 

Our team was also excited to refresh the corporate offices at Tapper’s in order to enable staff and customers alike to meet and collaborate virtually. This included upgrading Mark Tappers office and the other corporate offices to include Crestron, UC sound bar, built-in cameras, video transmissions, and more. 

To learn more about how we can upgrade and refresh your retail store’s AV, be sure to reach out to our experts at Bluewater today. 


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