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Functional Stunning LED Displays For A Multitude of Environments

Bluewater is a leading AV integrator for all things LED. Whether you're looking for a small LED display or a vast LED video wall customized in a variety of sizes, we have an LED solution for your brand and space. Our team delivers & installs direct view LED displays designed for commercial use of the highest quality. With a variety of pixel pitch options, we have exactly the LED you need for any environment indoor or outdoor.

Bring Vibrancy To Your Space With LED

The Highest Quality LED In The Industry

LED For Any Sized Project

  • Corporate Spaces
  • Lobby Experiences
  • Permanent Brand Activations
  • Conference Rooms & Huddle Spaces
  • Concourse Activations
  • Outdoor LED
  • Higher Education
  • Stadiums & Arenas
  • Augmented Reality
  • Live Event Production

Premium LED video wall installations, large format displays that never disappoint, and high resolution that is increasingly affordable. That’s what you’ll find with our LED and the manufacturers we partner with such as Samsung, Planar, Daktronics, K-Wav, and more. Our LED solutions showcase unparalleled brightness, versatility, of use, and a viewing experience like nothing else on the market.

We offer, custom and durable LED displays. With an average lifespan of 100,000 hours at full brightness, you’ll never have to ponder “how long will my LED last?” Instead, you can rest assured knowing you can run your LED wall 24/7 for 11 years and still only reach half brightness! LED is affordable, the perfect solution for your next display project.

Still Confused On Exactly What LED Is?

Chances are, even if you’ve never heard of LED, you’ve seen it in one form or another. It’s the display technology of choice for large format, outdoor, and high ambient light environments. Stadium scoreboards, marquees, digital billboards, large displays in airports, and every display found in Times Square utilize this type of display technology. But that’s not its only use. With higher-resolution LED panels on the market, this tech has quickly made its way throughout corporate environments, being used for boardrooms, conference rooms, command & amp; control, lobbies, cafeterias, and other public spaces.

Pillars of LED Performance

With hundreds of LED installations to date Bluewater takes pride in our commitment to unwavering customer service, paired with seamless integrations, and the best products on the market today. We will make certain that the right LED product is installed that’s perfect for your space and use case. As an industry leader in LED we are prepared to invest the extra time with you in developing a true partnership where you’ll always know we are in your corner.

Outdoor LED & Direct Sun

We know that pixel pitch and viewing angles matter in the world of LED, but so does the environment around your LED display. Direct sunlight can impact your viewing experience especially if the right product isn’t installed. We partner with some of the worlds leading outdoor LED brand to make direct sun viewing an experience that’s worth having. From brightness determination, routine weather related maintenance, and temperature regulation, we have you covered.

  • Weatherproofing
  • Maintenance
  • Brightness Control
  • Outdoor Installation for Complex Projects
  • Monitoring
  • Location Determination

LED for Conferencing Solutions

The continued development of LED tech means better resolution to each individual panel. This means smaller-sized walls are capable of providing true HD resolutions, while the lower pixel pitch shortens the minimum viewing distance required between the audience and the video display. The use of LED for video conferencing, and large conference room has increased in recent years and there’s a solution for many corporate projects that could be right for you.

  • Conference Room Solutions
  • LED for Global; Video Conferencing
  • Command Center LED
  • Temporary LED Displays
  • Permanent LED Displays
  • Technical Support

LED In Common Areas

Common areas such as lobbies, atriums, cafeterias, and ballrooms can be the perfect place for LED installations in the corporate space. They can bring bright stunning content to otherwise vast and open spaces. Using LED to display welcome messages, menu’s, or brand identity focused content can create memorable experiences for all who enter the space.

  • Lobby LED Walls
  • Content Animation
  • Scenic Assets
  • Corporate Cafeteria LED Displays
  • Multi-Room Installs

LED for Creative Executions

Panel construction means LED can be used for much more than just creating a rectangular display for presentation playback. Architectural use of LED display screens is increasingly more common to transform environments by providing unique visual canvasses for content. Curved LED displays are growing in popularity and even customized shapes can be intertwined into a greater creative experience through the use of LED.

  • Multiple Displays
  • LED for Experiential Marketing
  • Custom Curved LED
  • Permanent Brand Activations
  • Advanced Content Creation
  • Partner to Architects & LED Designers

Non-Traditional LED (Stadiums & Arenas)

When it comes to matching applications to technology, this is one of the best. Why should you love this match-up? When it comes to the challenges presented in many sporting venues by the sun and weather, most audio-visual (AV) solutions cannot compete with mother nature. LED video walls, on the other hand, are in a separate league from their AV counterparts. Outdoor LEDs can handle direct sun, extreme cold, extreme heat, rain, or wind. Indoor scoreboards are bright, and robust, while LED in the concourse ca provide fans with an improved and engaging gamely experience.

  • Concourse Signage
  • Stadium Exterior LED
  • Scoreboards
  • Wayfinding Displays

Bright. Crystal Clear. Professionally Installed by Bluewater

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