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Elevate Your Space With Stunning Experiential Installations

The way people interact with spaces is evolving. Whether it's an office building, retail environment, sports and entertainment facility, or any other space, there is a growing demand for modern, immersive, and interactive experiences. Customers and employees alike are seeking out interactions that are not only engaging but also memorable and meaningful. At Bluewater, we specialize in transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences.

A Single Source to Activate Your Audience

Bluewater is your single source for bringing your space to life. We offer a full range of services to ensure your activation is seamless and impactful:

  • Planning, Strategy, and Design
  • Unique Experiential Activations
  • Production Support
  • Fabrication and Logistics
  • Staffing and Training
  • Support and Maintenance

People are no longer content with static, uninspiring environments. They crave experiences that captivate their senses and create lasting impressions. Modernizing your space with experiential installations can:

  • Boost Engagement: Create interactive environments that capture attention and encourage participation.
  • Enhance Brand Loyalty: Build deeper connections with your audience by offering memorable brand experiences.
  • Improve Employee Morale: Foster a dynamic and inspiring workplace that boosts productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Drive Sales: In retail settings, immersive experiences can significantly influence purchasing decisions.

Bring your Space to Life

Everything Required to Tell Your Story.

  • Permanent Installations
  • Lobby Experiences
  • Brand Activations
  • Digital Installations
  • Entertainment Solutions
  • Welcome Centers
  • Story Walls & History Walls

We craft spaces that tell your story more vividly and effectively than you ever imagined. At Bluewater, we leverage our unique, patented process and blend our decades of AV technology expertise with our live events team’s deep knowledge of activation. The result? Immersive, permanent brand activations designed with a focus on storytelling and lasting impact.

Looking for Inspiration?

Check out a few examples of our work.

Where we Create Immersive Experiences

Transforming spaces with experiential installations is what we do best at Bluewater. Whether it’s an office, retail environment, stadium, or a unconventional space, we bring your vision to life with innovative and interactive designs that captivate and engage. Explore the various environments where our installations can make a significant impact.

Retail Environments

In the retail world, captivating customers and driving sales are paramount. Our experiential installations in retail environments create immersive shopping experiences that entice customers and enhance brand loyalty. From interactive product displays to augmented reality experiences, we design spaces that encourage exploration, increase dwell time, and ultimately, boost sales.

“79% of consumers prefer shopping for experiences over traditional products and prices.” [Deloitte]

Entertainment Venues

Engage fans from the moment they enter the venue. Whether it’s through LED displays, interactive fan zones, or immersive concourse activations, we help turn every visit into a memorable experience.

“The integration of immersive technologies such as high-resolution LED displays has significantly enhanced the fan experience at sporting events.” [Samsung Insights]

Modern Office Spaces

Your office space should inspire creativity, foster collaboration, and boost productivity. By integrating interactive elements and immersive technologies, we turn ordinary office settings into vibrant environments that attract and retain top talent.

“Companies with appealing and functional office spaces are more attractive to top talent. 89% of job seekers consider the physical workplace environment an important factor when choosing an employer.” [Glassdoor]

Unconventional Spaces

Think outside the box with our installations in non-traditional spaces. Our expertise in creating dynamic installations ensures that your brand can reach audiences in unique and impactful ways, no matter where they are.

“Brands are increasingly leveraging unexpected venues to create immersive experiences that captivate audiences and differentiate themselves from competitors.” [Manifesto]

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