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A Single Source to Activate your Audience

Technology-Forward Meetings & Events

In today's world, grabbing and holding onto your audience's attention is tougher than ever. People are constantly bombarded with information and crave modern, immersive, and interactive experiences. Brands that create memorable, shared moments are the ones that stand out. That's where we come in. At Bluewater, we get it. We know how the game has changed when it comes to capturing audience attention. We offer a one-stop-shop to activate your audience with a full range of services.

Elevate your Meetings and Events

Keep your Audience Engaged

Event attendees are increasingly distracted – by daily work, email, and mobile apps. Keeping their attention and providing a memorable event experience can be challenging. Considering the amount spent by most organizations on events, this becomes mission-critical.

Top brands and agencies rely on the team at Bluewater to help with that. We inject innovation and new technology into their events to capture attention and inspire action. We leverage content, design, AV, and brand activations to support the ultimate attendee experience – live events.

As one of the nations leading event technology service (ETS) providers, we bring immersive platforms to life and arm our clients with everything required to support sensory storytelling across digital and physical canvases.

At a glance

Everything required to make your event unforgettable.

  • Event Planning
  • Stage Design & Engineering
  • Equipment Rental
  • Technical Labor
  • Event Management
  • Content Creation
  • Speaker Coaching
  • Scenic Design & Fabrication
  • Onsite Activations
  • Live Streaming

Get Inspired by Some of our Recent Events

Areas we Excel

Corporate Events

Our bread and butter. Business theatre is the best platform for communicating information to a captive audience, and it offers the best opportunity to ensure that the message sent is the message received. However, many internal events struggle with the right support, if they are given any support at all. Let us take that off your plate and execute a flawless event or meeting that will be remembered for years to come. 

  • Event Planning Services
  • Event Engineering
  • Staffing & Technical Labor
  • AV Rental
  • Meeting Design
  • Content Support
  • Streaming & Capture
  • Meeting of All Sizes

Touring & Entertainment

There’s a reason why a member of the Big 3 has entrusted us with their auto shows for multiple decades. Simply put we understand the touring space. Whether it’s concerts, multi-location events, or auto-shows we have you covered. 

  • Tour Logistics
  • Technical Labor
  • Equipment Rental
  • Tour Design
  • On-Site Leadership
  • Events & Activations

Scenic & Stage Design

When it comes to environmental design, there’s no doubting the impact technology like lighting, video, and projection frequently play in creating the desired atmosphere. Physical assets including stage props, event space, stage backdrops, and custom stage set pieces also contribute to this effect. When blended together they can create incredibly powerful platforms that help convey messaging to an audience.

  • Lighting Design
  • Structural
  • Print Assets
  • Furniture
  • Stage Design
  • Breakoouts

Audience Engagement

We’re all vying for our audiences’ attention. With the average attention span ranging from 8 seconds to 20 minutes depending on who you ask, attention is a valuable commodity. So when you do capture it, you need to keep it – especially when you have a message to share.

  • Live Polling & Audience Interactivity
  • Audience Q/A
  • In Meeting Activations
  • Environment & Stage Design
  • Presentation Graphics & Creative
  • Speaker Coaching

Equipment Rental

Maybe you don’t need help with pre-event creative or run-of-show on-site. Perhaps, gear is all you need. We maintain an inventory of the most sophisticated, as well as most commonly used modern av and staging equipment, and goes what?  It’s all available for rental for your next event!

Parallel Powered Events

Extend Your Reach

Create a digital twin of your meeting, or breakout sessions to extend your reach beyond the physical space. Also create a space to house additional details; sales docs, training, marketing, etc...

Activate Your Content

Parallel's modules can be dropped on site, too. Leverage our physical presence for lead capture, badging, gamification, and more. Parallel offers the ability to connect your meeting with a global audience.

Create Continuity

Use Parallel for all your events to begin creating continuity, and a community, that your sales and marketing teams can nurture. Leverage the digital space to engage customers before and after the show.

See It In Action

Our Approach

Capturing your audience’s attention every second matters. That’s where Bluewater comes in. From planning to execution, our expert team ensures seamless event experiences. Trusted by top brands, we align with your vision to make success possible.

Our framework combines thoughtful approaches with action-oriented strategies to create familiarity and consistent outcomes for even the most complex or unusually creative problemss. This ensures that fundamental elements are handled, allowing you to focus on what sets your event apart from the rest.

Opportunity Alignment
What’s the desired outcome? Where are the guardrails?

Collaborative process to create directional agreement & scope of work.

Dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Deliver on our joint statement of work.

Support & Measure
Bring it full circle to generate maximum impact.

Let’s create something amazing together.

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