Crafting a custom center-aisle retail display with a 30% sales lift.

Here at Bluewater, we’re all about using data and metrics to better inform our creativity, which is why we were so thrilled to partner up with SpartanNash to use the performance metrics they had collected to create a smarter and more engaging shopping experience for pet owners.

SpartanNash had recently seen an increase in the sales of their products that were being displayed in their center area gondolas throughout their store. Using this data that they had collected, they were interested in upping the performance of the pet food products in their store using a similar strategy and reached out to Bluewater to craft a retail product display that would gain a lift on their bulk pet products, such as treats and dog food.

Our Bluewater custom fabrication team in Mesick, Michigan worked with SpartanNash to engineer and build a series of custom-branded fixtures that would help to highlight their pet food and treat offerings. The result was a cross-functional freestanding center aisle gondola that was crafted to the needs of both the store and the customer.

The freestanding nature of the retail gondola unit that we built allowed staff to place products fully around the display unit, with treats and food available 360-degrees around the fixture. This not only helped to maximize the storage capacity of the retail display and market more product at once, but it also allowed customers to see and interact with the display from whichever direction they approached it – allowing for maximum engagement.

We crafted plastic on-brand tubs that fit within the display gondola that could hold bulk product on each side, and that were easy to swap out when it came time to refill the display product. The fixture also featured deeper, round wooden containers on each end which allowed for longer, larger products like rawhides to be promoted.

Each of these fixtures and display tubs were created in our custom fabrication facility in Mesick, Michigan, and the end result was an eye-catching center aisle product gondola that created a 30% in sales lift for SpartanNash.


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