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The job of a marketer is never over. With only so many hours in the day it can be difficult to move forward quickly enough with everything on your plate – especially when you only need fractional specialty support to complete a project. The good news is you don’t need to hire for all these positions, or engage a traditional agency.

Experienced Fractional Creative Support

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Custom Publishing

From the written language to the visuals on page, we’ll help you create beautiful print assets that help you tell your tale. Brand magazines, advertorials, catalogs, coffee table books, trade-show materials, and sponsored editorial content are all helpful sales and marketing assets. We still celebrate the art of the printed page, a timeless yet highly effective method to communicate.

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Direct Mail

Whether it’s highly designed, or an innovative direct mail campaign, we can help you blend compelling storytelling with technology and eye-catching packaging to capture attention. We like to craft hyper-targeted direct mail campaigns, incorporating unusual elements like seed-embedded plantable cards or video mailers, to deliver powerful results.

Dress to Impress

Brand Collateral

We specialize in writing, designing, and fulfilling collateral pieces that support your brand’s message wherever it’s used. From ensuring a consistent and impactful presence, to creating attractive and eye catching content that works across digital and physical mediums, we can help you show up dressed to impress.

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Brand Identity Work

Make a lasting first impression with our brand identity services, including comprehensive style guides, websites, branding books, and logography. Bluewater’s approach to brand identity can help you reinvent your company’s look and feel, or create projects specific branding that’s unique while still capturing the essence of your brand.

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Pushing pixels


Embrace the charm of traditional art with Bluewater’s talented illustrators. Our team is adept at creating custom artwork to support your brand and its initiatives, combining old-school techniques with modern technology to deliver stunning visuals. At the end of the day we’re just as comfortable with markers and paper, as we are with tablets and laptops.

Playful & entertaining

Character Design

Delight audiences of all ages with our custom character design services. Bluewater’s expertise in design, illustration, rigging, and animation brings your brand’s story to life through captivating characters that entertain and inspire. Our team can take this one step further animating the final designs for use in video content, or in interactive experiences.

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Keeping content fresh

Social & Web Content

Kick up your brand’s online presence with fresh content from our team of strategists, artists, coders, UI & UX designers, and analytics specialists. Bluewater’s social and web content services help your message reach and engage a global audience, driving results across digital platforms.

Moments that matter


From documentary style photography of important moments to studio or production shoots, we can help ensure you capture what’s necessary to power your creative. Our diverse team of internal creators and external partners collaborate to capture your product and brand imagery artistically, making it easier to elevate your brand’s visual narrative.

Authentic stories

Documentary Filmmaking

Share authentic stories through our documentary filmmaking services. With experienced in-house filmmakers at Bluewater, we craft visual stories that educate, change minds, and entertain. Our commitment to genuine storytelling through film shows in the quality of our output.

Our approach

Align: Understanding your brand and its objectives is our first priority. We delve deep into your brand’s personality, mission, target audience, and goals. This strategic alignment allows us to fully comprehend your brand’s unique narrative and ensures that our creative services echo your brand’s voice consistently.

Design: Once aligned, we design a tailored, strategic plan to bring your vision to life. Leveraging our expertise across various creative services, we conceptualize and design unique, compelling ideas that stand out in the market. Whether it’s a captivating video, an attention-grabbing commercial, or an immersive event experience, we strive for excellence in design to resonate with your audience.

Execute: The execution stage is where our designs come alive. Our team, armed with state-of-the-art technology and a relentless commitment to perfection, translates the designed ideas into tangible, high-quality deliverables. Whether it’s video production, event capture, motion graphics, or editorial work, we ensure seamless execution that amplifies your brand story.

Monitor: After execution, we don’t just step back; we engage in thorough monitoring and evaluation of the impact created by our work. Using advanced analytics, we measure the success of our efforts and gather insights to inform future projects. This continuous process of learning and adjusting ensures that our creative services deliver maximum value to your brand.

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