Driving Innovation at TI Fluid Systems

TI Fluid Systems, the industry leader in thermal solutions and fluid systems for vehicle manufacturers across the world, sought to enhance collaboration within their workplace environment. With a focus on innovation and technology, TI Fluid Systems tasked Bluewater with conceptualizing and implementing a sophisticated AV solution that seamlessly integrated with their current infrastructure.

The solution was a large curved LED wall which was installed in one of their common areas. This 30′ x 8′ LED wall with a 5-degree curve serves as a focal point for teams to collaborate effectively, enabling multiple devices to access the screen simultaneously.

Throughout the project, there were a few challenges, including initial logistical hurdles and disruptions stemming from ongoing construction. Our experienced team successfully overcame these obstacles and utilized our expertise to bring TI Fluid Systems’ vision to life.

Ronnie Couch, Global Audio Visual Architect at TI Fluid Systems, was impressed with how this project was executed, remarking:

“Bluewater did an outstanding job. Despite some initial hurdles, the LED wall turned out exceptionally well, and everyone is delighted with the results. It was a genuine pleasure to work alongside the Bluewater team. Their professionalism shone through despite ongoing construction and unexpected challenges.”

The collaboration between Bluewater and TI Fluid Systems represents our shared commitment to innovation and technology. By delivering a solution tailored to TI Fluid Systems’ unique requirements, we have empowered our client to enhance collaboration and productivity within their workspace environment, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

To explore how Bluewater can transform your workspace with innovative AV solutions, contact us today and embark on a journey toward redefining your workplace experience.


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