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When it comes to leveraging data to influence decisions, most of us are still at an early stage in the game. Accounting teams tend to do this very well but other groups within our organizations might not be looking at the data as critically. How does this apply to the audiovisual world?

With almost all of the audiovisual equipment manufactured today network-enabled, there is an incredible opportunity for capturing data. The story that data tells you can change the way you deploy the equipment you already have invested in, and it can inform you on what type of additional equipment you should be investing in down the road.

Network monitoring of devices provides AV and IT teams insight into the status of all deployed technology — projector lamp hours, usage rates, in use / not in use, system responsive, or if there is a potential issue. All of this data can be captured over the network by a device that’s configured to watch the deployed equipment and provide back its status.

When paired with a room sensor, the teams responsible for technology in an organization gain access to an incredible data set that tells a very unique story. How often the room is being used? What specific components in that room are being used? What purpose does that room most often serve? How frequently is that room used? Should we deploy more rooms like that one?

The benefit of this approach is twofold. First, you have the ability to respond quickly to potential issues, meaning better system uptime, and faster overall response. The second is the story told on how rooms are being used. You may quickly discover that you’ve invested in communication technology for rooms that are not being used, and then choose to redeploy that equipment in an environment where it would get more use. You may discover that only a portion of the features of a room is being used regularly, and change the design for future rooms by removing unnecessary components and saving on the overall investment.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll dive into the specifics of data analysis and how you can use it, so be sure to subscribe! If you want to chat today, reach out below.

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