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Tracking is a tactic used by major industries to keep tabs on their consumers — case in point: Facebook ads. Beyond the fields where tracking is already an established practice, many other areas would do well to give it a test drive. Enter event tracking: a top practice event planners can add to their arsenal.

Event tracking can be approached in several ways, both conventional and new.

Brand activation — the act of increasing brand recognition and engagement — isn’t exactly new, but it has found a whole new set of benefits within the tech age. Many modern brand activation campaigns have tech components, and through that tech component, you can directly track interaction, including how long the interaction was, pages viewed, and number of sessions. Brand activation is further aided by the internet and email, via open rates, visits, and click-through rates.

Physical tracking finds its home in badge scans as well as the relatively new concept of machine vision. To put it simply, machine vision uses artificial intelligence to monitor a space and to collect data from what it views. Amazon is currently testing it for cameras to scan purchases at its brick-and-mortar stores, and the idea is also being tested in smart cities, particularly its safety measures, which include scanning license plates and monitoring traffic patterns. By translating the machine vision technology of traffic patterns to event patterns, event marketers will be able to gauge interest, collect demographic information, and even measure the audience’s mood.

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