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Want a bigger AV budget? Need to get an AV project completed ASAP, but you aren’t sure how to approach the budget discussion internally? We’ve got you covered. AV technologies are constantly evolving, and newer solutions and tools are rarely cheaper than the last generation. On top of that, even the nature of AV integrations is changing rapidly, as businesses worldwide are increasingly shifting to more flexible and hybrid work arrangements.

Even more than in years past, you’re feeling the need for a larger AV budget to accommodate the changes you’ve identified as necessary for your business.

Not sure where to start? Try these strategies for getting the AV budget approval you need.

Strategy #1: Make a case for a Better (And More Expensive) AV Partner

If you’re like most firms, you aren’t doing all your AV internally. You’re relying on an external partner for at least portions of your AV strategy.

Whether you’ve embraced AV as a Service or you’re simply relying on a partner for design and installation, you need the right partner. If your current partnership isn’t delivering the results you need (such as in areas like collaboration), it’ll probably be pretty apparent to those doing the approval.

Make your case based on the obvious gaps in service or functionality, and point out that the way forward is to switch to a more accomplished (but potentially more expensive) vendor.

Strategy #2: Point Out the Business Case for New or Emerging Technology

When new, upgraded, or emerging AV and collaboration technology hits the scene, it has the potential to vastly improve efficiency, collaboration, and any number of other business processes. But new technologies cost money.

Especially when new tech creates entirely new categories you weren’t budgeting for, tech innovations can put a strain on your AV budget.

You’re likely a tech-forward individual, and it makes sense that you’re excited about the latest and greatest. But the people approving your budget probably aren’t like you, so you need a different approach.

For any new or emerging technology you’d like to see approved and added to the budget, find a way to make the business case for it. What will this new tech do for your business that you can’t do now? Will it add to revenue? Increase the quality of life? Quality of worker output?

If you can put your request in terms of a business case, your chances of approval will go up considerably. This is doubly true if you can do this with dollar amounts attached.

Strategy #3: Don’t Be Afraid to Appeal to Decision-Makers’ Egos

You’re looking for a bigger AV budget because that’s what you need to get the tools that will make your business successful. And the decision-makers ought to share your perspective, but the fact is, sometimes they don’t.

So getting approval is all about finding the right avenue, the approach that speaks to the decision-makers. Appealing to their egos isn’t the noblest approach, but it can be wildly successful.

Everyone wants to look good at work. At the core, it’s part of why you’re pushing for an increased budget. So show your boss (or whoever’s making the decision) how this decision will make them look good. Show them the credit they’ll be able to take for whatever the new tech acquisition accomplishes.

By making the decision-makers look good, you’ll look good yourself. And you’ll be more likely to get that budget approval you’ve been looking for.

Strategy #4: Don’t Forget the Visuals

Chasing down your boss in the hallway (or on Teams/Slack/what have you) might be the way to start this conversation, but it’s rarely the way to end it.

You’re going to need to make an organized presentation to a decision-maker (or, often, a group of decision-makers). No matter how winsome or convincing you can be, you’ll make a better case if you bring the visuals.

Give your audience something to see and, if possible, something to take with them as they mull over the decision.

Strategy #5: Let Your AV Partner Help Make the Case

If you’re not getting the approval you want on your own, you might need a little assistance. Talk with your AV partner (or the new AV partner you want to switch to). Most would jump at the chance to help you make a presentation (and they tend to have better presentation tools to make a more significant impression).

If you’re considering switching to Bluewater, we’ll get deeply invested in the process and can help you in this way.

Looking for a New Partner? You’ve Found It.

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