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Are you or your company looking for creative and fun ways to bring your employees together as the year end approaches? Or, maybe you’ve grown cold to the stagnant holiday party you have always had and are looking to add some flare to your gathering. Bluewater has options for off-site, on-site, and even remote company gatherings. So, Tis the season to making your Q4 memorable.  

The pandemic has lingered far longer than any of us have wanted, and safety is still of the utmost concern for businesses and their employees. Thus, year-end celebrations may have been put on the back burner for your business, or potentially cancelled all-together at this point-in-time.  

During the heart of the pandemic in 2020, Bluewater created a safe and exhilarating outdoor immersive experiential event for the general public. We partnered with a local conservation authority and launched Glenlore Trails. Glenlore quickly became the local community’s go-to space for safe outdoor fun with friends and family. It truly is Michigan’s most well-known illuminated forest and features an immersive night walk located in Commerce Michigan. The forest comes to life in a dazzling display of light, sound, and wonder. But it isn’t just something that we want to offer the general public. It’s the perfect place for your business to have a memorable end-of-year party with your employees, and even customers.  

With safety in mind, we actually have two end-of-year options for in-person gatherings. The first option is for you to have a private event at one of our outdoor Illuminated experiences. More to come on that in a moment. The second is to bring the party to you and your employees – outdoors of course. Many in metro-Detroit, or West Michigan might choose the first option, while others, (due to location) will need us to come to them! 

Option 1: A Private Outdoor Event at Glenlore Trails (Metro Detroit), Ford House (Metro Detroit) or Gilmore Auto Museum (West Michigan) 

As mentioned above, Glenlore Trails is an immersive night walk that brings multi-sensory, story driven concepts to life that are as much for your employees and /or their families as it is for the general public  

This unique environment is a wonderful place to host a corporate gathering, or better yet a holiday party. The venue is outdoor which naturally lends itself to keeping good spacing between guests. All your employees need to do is show up and walk the trail and  engage with one another. Our sites offer plenty of parking, room to set up tents, can easily be catered, and our team can bring presentation support for any end of year presentations or entertainment. In fact, members of our event staff are already on site for the immersive experience and are there to help you! 

We will provide the opportunity to have a unique and exhilarating experience, while also allowing for some of your more standard company party agenda items such as giveaways, dinner, and drinks. We’ll even make sure everything is set-up and ready to go.  

We currently have three locations that can be used, one on each side of Michigan.  

  • Glenlore Trails is located in Commerce, Michigan 
  • Ford House in Gross Pointe Shores, Michigan 
  • Gilmore Car Musuem in Hickory Corners, Michigan 

Details and What’s Included 

  • Premier Days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 
  • Standard Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (less expensive) 
  • Furnished Tents with chairs, tables, heaters, audiovisual equipment 
  • Catering including food, drinks, snacks, etc. 
  • Gifts, Games, and your typical end-of-year fun! 

Option 2 Tailgate at Your Place 

Afterall, it is tailgate season! This is another great option for holiday gatherings, or even Q4 sales meetings that aim to set the agenda for the drive to the end of the year! We will transform a tent space into a world-class event experience. In fact, this is one of our favorite pastimes. This is a great way to gather safely outdoors and keep a hedge on the elements.  

We outfit large tents with flooring, full audiovisual, lighting, and scenic displays, or brand elements to transform them into what you would expect out of a turnkey venue. Keeping this on-site offers some advantages, like nearby facilities to use, a space that employees are familiar with, and the ability to leverage any accompanying indoor spaces you would like if you deemed that necessary.  

Details and What’s Included 

  • Furnished Tents with chairs, tables, heaters, audiovisual equipment 
  • Catering including food, drinks, snacks, etc. 
  • Gifts, Games, and your typical end-of-year fun! 

In Summary 

Bluewater wants to help you deliver on your end of year company meetings, parties, and holiday fun. We have a few options that are ready to go noted here, and we can also develop something custom for you if that is more your style. Our team of event experts are ready to help you deliver an experience that your employees, and/or customers & prospects will never forget.  

If an in-person event (even in an outdoor space) simply can’t be done in your organization, we have remote options as well. We’ll deliver a virtual end of-year or holiday party in our Parallel virtual event platform 

Contact Us for more information on how we can help make your end-of year or holiday party a success, or download our Return to Live Events Guide for even more information.