Rocking It Out in Nashville with VelocityEHS

The VelocityEHS 2023 Accelerate User Conference was a remarkable gathering that brought together EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) leaders from some of the most esteemed companies worldwide. This three-day conference provided attendees with a unique opportunity to share insights and gain expertise, fostering a deeper connection within the exceptional VelocityEHS community.

Bluewater was selected as the VelocityEHS’s partner because of our ability to provide both virtual and in person solutions utilizing our Parallel platform. From registration and ticketing, to providing break out rooms and a sponsorship portal we were able to meet each of the expectations that were required.

Along with the technical production, Bluewater’s creative team played a vital role in amplifying the rock and roll theme throughout the VelocityEHS 2023 Accelerate User Conference. We seamlessly infused the theme into every aspect of the event, ensuring a cohesive and immersive experience for all attendees, both live and virtual.

Main Stage of the Virtual Component of the Conference

From stage design to the outsourcing of signage, strategic partner activations, and meticulous event floorplans, our team’s commitment to precision was evident throughout.

“If someone asked me if they should use Bluewater for an event, I’d say absolutely go for it. I will trust them with my next event one hundred percent hands down.” – Jennifer Sinkwitts, Director, Marketing, Events & Communication, VelocityEHS

Bluewater was honored to play a role in the success of the VelocityEHS 2023 Accelerate User Conference. We look forward to supporting the VelocityEHS team once again with their 2024 Conference, with a commitment to once again delivering an exceptional experience!


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