Creating a SPECTRE

For some music can evoke the imagination in a way other arts cannot, bringing to life fanciful stories filled with wonder and excitement. But not everyone shares in this capacity to dream  — or perhaps they don’t realize that if they take a moment to close their eyes and let the sound wash over them they can be transported to places that only exist within them.

Detroit Sessions and Library Street Collective brought that kind of magic from within to a place where it could be a shared experience, during an immersive evening titled SPECTRE. Classical artists Ivan Moshchuk and Roberto González-Monjas performed while time-based projections by Jason Revok encapsulated the room.

A second performance by Tunde Olaniran, pianist Kaleb Waterman, and choir (Talicia Campbell, Adrian Davis, Tiffany Marshall, Jamiliah Minter, Gully G. Que, Tamara Wallace, Jennifer Cole, Paris Mason, Tekhoyia Kirkland and Dequindre Williams) offered a charge of energy to close out the evening.

Video & photos courtesy of Lance Gerber // Library Street Collective.


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