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The concept of “touchless interactivity” at face value seems like an oxymoron, but it certainly isn’t when it comes to Bluewater’s “Active Play” and “Storywall” technology. What if you could simply gesture or move your hands and a screen on the wall in front of you behaved exactly how you expected it to? This is exactly what we are talking about when speaking of “touchless interactivity” and its changing industries such as healthcare, and even corporations as this is written.

Active Play

Let’s start with our “Active Play” technology. This is the perfect product for hospitals, especially children’s hospitals, or even on a smaller scale at dentist offices or pediatricians.

Children’s Hospital Installation

There are many benefits within the hospital setting that can be derived from the use of an Active Play wall. The walls are completely touchless, thus making them an extremely clean and a hygienic solution for hospitals and clinical settings to prevent the spread of disease. The walls have shown to be especially valued in children’s hospital settings, as many patients suffer from diseases that can compromise their immune systems. We set out to create a product that truly makes a difference in the lives of the people who use it and Bluewater certainly feels that we have accomplished that with this solution.

Secondarily, the walls provide a positive distraction from patient treatment and illness. Playing a game on the interactive wall, or drawing a picture within an environment without even touching the screen is often times what is needed to improve patient moral and bring excitement to the hospital. In fact, often times our content is so inspiring it improves patient satisfaction. Infusing fun into the hospital setting can make all the difference for the parent, the child, and even the doctors and nurses taking care of them. Not only can our walls be placed in wings of the hospital, or main lobbies; they can be a true difference maker in places like ER waiting rooms where tensions are often high and children are running around without a distraction. When used in these areas, hospitals often see improved ratings in the area of client satisfaction among those surveyed.

Active Play touchless interactive walls come in a variety of sizes and are pre-loaded with interactive content and that can easily gamify any space. For most users the content library provides sufficient options to choose from. However, Bluewater will also provide a custom branded scene, cityscape, or even new interactive games upon request. Additionally, we release new environments each and every year, so there is always fresh and engaging content for your visitors.


This technology not only applies to healthcare settings, but corporate environments as well. Bluewater’s “Storywall” is designed to engage visitors in corporate lobbies with content such as interactive donor walls, company timelines with pop-up video, or other custom content. You can even provide employees with access to interactive social media content.

Our Storywall product is also powered by a customizable content management system (CMS) that allows text, rich media (such as photos and videos) to be loaded and changed as desired.

Not only is the content able to be easily changed, but our pricing includes the software license, display technology, hardware, installation, initial configuration, training, and 48 months of support should anything go wrong. We also sell both the Active Play & Storywall as a subscription. for those who prefer a small monthly operating expense to a large capital expenditure.

Bluewater is well-equipped to help your company or hospital succeed. Stop By partnering with us, you have access to the most creative minds and cutting edge technology that will be put to work to create interactive patient experiences, or a corporate moment that won’t soon be forgotten.
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