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ActivePlay Interactive Wall

Unleash the Power of Positive Distraction

The ActivePlay interactive wall provides healthcare and childcare facilities with an immersive canvas to encourage children to play, explore, and smile. ​

This large format gesture controlled interactive wall comes full of colorful scenes for children to explore, bringing the power of positive distraction right to your facility. From the hygienic design to inspiring movement for rehab patients, the benefits of adding an ActivePlay interactive wall to your facility are endless!

Designed using touchless technology to prevent unwanted transmission of bacteria.

Provides children and their parents an escape from their visit and creates a healing environment.

Helps reduce perceived wait time, make patients feel more comfortable, and creates a good impression.

Interactive displays motivate rehab patients to move and engage in their recovery, enhancing therapy programs.

Enhance the overall visitor experience while also increase your chances of accessing grants that support technology-driven initiatives and artistic endeavors.

Take advantage of this innovative display surface to provide interactive donor recognition.

Perfect for Waiting Rooms, Lobbies, and More

ActivePlay: CHRISTUS Health

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Active Play Interactive Display

Hygienic, Touchless Design

Many children’s healthcare facilities already offer some form of positive distraction such as a corner of the room filled with toys and books. Unfortunately, encouraging children to touch and play with the same items is a great way to spread germs. Because our ActivePlay interactive displays are touch free and gesture-based, we reduce the likelihood of transmitting disease by spreading bacteria through touch.

active play

Provides a Positive Distraction

Many children have negative or anxious feelings about their visits to healthcare facilities. The ActivePlay Interactive Wall provides them with a positive escape and can even result in lower perceived wait times which results in a better overall experience for everyone.

interactive wall

Inspires Movement in Rehabilitation

Incorporating interactive displays into your facility is a great way to encourage rehab patients to get up and moving. These displays offer engaging experiences that involve physical interaction, motivating patients to participate actively in their rehabilitation. With touch-sensitive screens and motion-based games, interactive displays turn therapy sessions into enjoyable activities, stimulating patient mobility.

Layers of Content

The ActivePlay Interactive Wall ships with a content library that contains multiple interactive scenes, with more being added every year. While the content library provides most users with sufficient options to choose from, there is also the option to create custom or branded content by request. Our programmable displays can also be configured to recognize donors in a delightful, interactive manner.

Unlock the Power of Tech-Enhanced Artistry

Integrating interactive displays into your facility not only enhances its tech-forward presence but also opens up opportunities to secure grants in the realms of technology and art. Moreover, these displays serve as a catalyst for creativity and artistic expression, attracting the attention of grant providers who value the fusion of technology and art. By embracing interactive displays, you not only enhance the overall visitor experience but also increase your chances of accessing a wide range of grants that support technology-driven initiatives and artistic endeavors.

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