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New technology bombards us every single day. But some of the latest (and greatest, we might add!) technology is designed with retail marketing in mind. Bluewater stays on top of the latest retail technology trends in order to provide the greatest value to the brands our retail customers carry in their inventory. Shopper Marketing is here to stay and is only going to become more connected with time; fueled by an ever increasing number of consumer data points that are valuable. When you turn to our A/V and retail teams at Bluewater, you can rest assured that the technology we recommend will align with the most effective shopper marketing trends and will be continually updated if purchased on subscription rather than through a large capital expenditure.

BOPIS Increases in Popularity

BOPIS is shorthand for buy online, pick up in-store. This method of shopping is certainly not a new concept in retail marketing, but it is continuing to grow at a head-spinning rate. Consumers can shop their favorite brands from the comfort of their home or office and pick up their purchases at their convenience. Shopper marketing trends indicate that consumers are increasing their purchases with brands that have BOPIS options over brands that require the consumer to physically go and find products in the store.

Consider the recent partnership between rekindled children’s toy giant ToysRUs & Target. ToysRUs isn’t simply going to abandon their re-brand inside of Target stores. There is sure to be some form of kiosking, or experiential branded activation that includes technology and brings the brand to life inside the convenience of highly trafficked Target stores. This brand execution will be integral to the success of the brand relaunch. Will it engage consumers? Will it excite children to the point of encouraging parents to make purchases? Will the ease of use for parents be seamless within the Target in-store shopping experience? The answers to these questions are vitally important for both brands.

Bluewater can provide retailers like these with the in-store kiosks or other retail technology they need to help expedite the BOPIS process for consumers both online and offline. Strategically placed near the entrance of the store or near POP, or even POS, shopper marketing products can allow customers to check in, make a purchase, or even communicate with personal shopping associates. A could even automatically go to the department responsible for producing BOPIS orders, and customer interaction can be completed in near real-time. The efficient process is up to date with retail technology trends to ensure retailers are able to provide the most value to their customers. Shoppers continue to fall-in love with the BOPIS process because it is quick and painless, and perfect for the immediate gratification expectation that resides in today’s marketplace.

Digital store

Digital Retailing via Touch Screen

Digital Retailing via Touch Screen

Search Options Expand

Voice and visual search continue to expand as smartphone technology improves. To keep up with retail marketing trends, our experts can help bring voice and visual search into your store. Traditional displays still have their use in retail marketing, but they can be improved to keep up with shopper marketing trends. Consumers want information, and they want to get it in the most efficient and quickest way possible.

Bluewater can bring in software within retail fixturing that allows for customers to interact with your store’s website and/or app with voice and visual searches or even by integrating kiosking with with your inventory system to help direct consumers to the exact location of the product they desire through wayfinding.

Sample Domino’s Pizza Kiosks

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

One of the latest technology crazes is augmented reality and virtual reality. Tech retailers have done a wonderful job setting up small activities that can be performed by consumers to see how AR and VR tech works. Not all consumers are willing to pay the price for this technology, but they are intrigued by it.

When augmented reality and virtual reality are incorporated with Bluewater’s LED flooring for instance, you could expect to create a consumer experience like no other. Maybe one customer is virtually trying on new basketball shorts, while another is shooting baskets at an in-store branded activation where indicators on our LED flooring are lighting up and telling the consumer where to shoot from.  

Retail Marketing Experts You Can Trust

Bluewater is the company to trust when you are ready to bring in new technology so you can stay up to date on shopper marketing trends. Our services can help you create an experience that no other brands are even thinking about implementing. 

Bluewater’s unique approach and exceptional equipment can help you stay on top of retail marketing trends. When you’re ready to improve your bottom line, contact us to get started.