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We’ve all been impacted by COVID-19. Some of us may know someone who has had it, while others may still feel the virus is a world away. No matter which group of people you may fall into, hygiene, cleanliness, and the slowing of the spread of the virus has become top of mind for all of us. This is especially true if you are a worker in a healthcare facility or a member of the management of one. Doctors, nurses, hospital facilities managers, and even healthcare CEOs are now constantly searching for ways to keep their personnel and patients safer, both now and into the future. One of the ways to do this is with contactless or touchless displays in their facilities.

At Bluewater, we’re constantly looking for ways that we can help both healthcare facilities and other businesses in the wake of a global pandemic. One way to do this is by creating a multitude of uses for our hands-free interactive displays, or what we commonly refer to as “active play” displays and walls. You can read more about the traditional uses for an active play wall here on our blog. We’ve used them in donor wings of hospitals and to create or narrate an interactive story of the facility. We’ve put them in hospital lobbies so that families and children alike can interact with a 9-foot long wall with a series of games and interactive applications built into them. We’ve also used them on a smaller scale in hospital waiting rooms to serve as positive hygienic distractions for pediatric patients awaiting treatments. However, there are many more uses, both in the face of COVID-19 and preventing the spread of a similar virus in the future.

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Improve Healthcare Customer Experiences

The obvious uses for touchless interactive displays still include healthcare settings, but here are a few other examples of healthcare use:

  • Lobby distraction: Touchless displays in hospitals, clinics, and redi-care centers. These could be done in a variety of sizes, from entire walls down to the size of a computer monitor or small tv.
  • Touchless hospital, emergency room, or clinic check-in.
  • Touchless gaming in patient rooms – especially pediatric rooms.
  • Touchless ER Displays, similar in size to a T.V where impacted patients could still be entertained without touching their TVs.
  • Touchless Kiosks
  • Quarantine areas where future transmission of a virus is imperative.


Other Touchless Solutions

Additionally, Bluewater isn’t stopping with healthcare facility uses in the wake of a pandemic. We have used similar “storywall” concepts in corporate spaces, as well. Read more about these use cases on our blog in articles entitled, “Cutting-Edge Tech: Touchless Interactive Walls” & “Corporate Branding & Communication with Storywall.” Now it’s time to take the corporate concept beyond the traditional uses and help companies in need of a touchless display to use in a variety of ways within their facilities. Some potential uses could include:

  • Touchless lobby check-in: Allow visitors to your office or business to check-in with a touchless screen, while practicing social distancing from anyone else in your lobby, including your front desk staff.
  • Touchless check-in at fitness centers.
  • Gamification of any lobby space. We’ll even build additional games for you that are on-brand and appropriate for your company or space. We have an in-house software team that can really bring this use case to life.
  • Technology built into a kiosk or even an “ordering station” to provide touch-free ordering at restaurants and other quick-serve spaces, such as coffee shops.
  • Touchless hand dryers, and paper towel, soap, or sanitizer dispensers within public bathrooms.

New Normal New Technology

The concept of “touchless tech” almost seems like an oxymoron, but it’s vitally important during times of global disruption. We are constantly developing new ways to use this technology to help businesses in today’s challenging and hygiene-focused environment. If you have a potential use case that’s not on this list, we would love to hear about it and develop something new. Nearly anything can be done in this space, and we love to brainstorm.


If touchless display technology is not at the forefront of your needs, we also have additional concepts and technologies for global disruptions, such as a pandemic. We are offering temporary support, including a local studio to broadcast remote or virtual meetings, the production of those meetings, or even temporary video conferencing kits. Additionally, permanent infrastructure solutions are available that cater to the immediate needs during an outbreak like COVID-19 but also serve a long-term purpose beyond the immediate period. Virtual experience centers, quick-deploy video conferencing, and video-enabled small conference spaces to accommodate social distancing are at the forefront of this offering. Other implementations are also possible; such as digital collaboration tools for your remote workforce, or even digital signage sold on a monthly subscription, because we know cash flow for your business is important during times like these.

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Whatever your need is, we’re here to potentially help and offer a no-cost consultation to discuss the art of what’s possible, or to lend a hand. To learn more about touchless interactive displays, touchless touchscreen technology, or other solutions during this global disruption click here to contact us. Your well-being and the health of those around you are worth the investment. Additional information about Coronavirus and actions you can take to prevent the spread of the disease is available here by visiting the CDC