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The retail landscape feels crowded these days as an ever increasing number of brands continue to enter the market. Gone are the days of big box stores dotting the retail landscape and in are the startups, boutiques, and innovative retailers. It can feel impossible to stand out from the competition aside from pricing. This is where shopper marketing plays a role in the marketplace, no matter the size of, or how many stores you have. How quickly are you able to build trust amongst your customers? How quickly are you able to show you are on the cutting edge of the technological advances that shoppers expect in 2019 and beyond? These are the questions retailer need to be able to answer and it starts with what we call the “retail trifecta” of fixturing, fabrication, and technology

In the pursuit of taking hold of the market, many retailers turn to low cost, low quality vendors to quickly turn around products. This has the potential to increase short term sales, but brands often find it difficult to build long term relationships with customers. Yet, there is a way to rise up and stand out in the market without sacrificing quality of product, service, or even speed to market. 

Focusing on shopper marketing techniques that utilize today’s latest technology and merchandising tactics can help brands excel beyond their competition. Bluewater offers high quality retail fixturing, fabrication, and technology though our in-house software team to help retailers and retail brands stand apart. Our experts will work directly with your company every step of the way to launch a tech savvy retail solution that captures and keeps shopper’s attention. Together, our partnership can help your brand excel without sacrificing quality or speed.

Retail Fixturing

Customers want to feel a connection to a brick and mortar store when they walk in the door. Believe it or not, we’ve found that many customers still want to touch, feel and in many instances sample or “try-on” the product(s) they are looking to buy. Traditional displays can work for some brands (and we have many customers that use traditional displays to their advantage), but it is in your best interest to incorporate engaging retail fixtures that will differentiate your brand whenever possible. When customers experience a brand in an immersive environment, they are more likely to connect with a product. It’s that simple.

Our shopper marketing tactics work – they convert customers while helping them create meaningful memories that they connect to your brand. Consider this shoe display. Of course customers can try on a shoe and see if it fits, but with Bluewater’s innovative retail fixturing, we created a game that customers of all ages can participate in. When the floor lights up, the customer needs to place their foot on it. The longer they play, the faster the game gets. It’s fully interactive and distinctive in the immersion it provides to the customer.


Your retail brand environment should fully reflect your company while creating a fun and exciting experience for your customers. Utilizing the latest technology, merchandising & display craftsmanship available, we can help you build displays, store fronts, racks, shelving displays and more. Our experts will provide you with a unique and innovative space that helps you push your most sold or highest margin products and keep your inventory levels healthy.

When Bluewater builds your new, exciting brand environment, we will make sure we display your merchandise in its best light – quite literally! From information about your company’s history to details regarding your favorite products, the information will be displayed in a creative, appealing manner.Bluewater is one of the only retail tech innovators that also fabricates their own fixtures. Our fabrication house headquartered in Mesick, MI means we don’t have to outsource and can be a one-stop shop for retail fabrication and shopper marketing technology.


It goes without saying that technology and merchandising work hand-in-hand. While Bluewater is built around creative and innovative shopper marketing technology, we can provide your store with so much more. We can completely incorporate audio visual technology that helps your business better manage day to day tasks, inventory, shipping and receiving, and much more. When you have the right technology at your fingertips, you can more quickly and cost-effectively get your products in the hands of your consumers.

In today’s retail landscape it’s important to not forget the software that can truly take shopper experiences to the next level. Gamification of rewards programs, interactive kiosks, or even our storywall interactive touchless walls can take an average retail experience and make it unforgettable

Powerful Technology and Merchandising Partners to have on Your Side

Bluewater is well-equipped to help your company succeed. Stop turning to low cost, low quality vendors to try and decrease costs. By partnering with us, you have access to the most creative minds and cutting edge technology that will be put to work in-store to help your profits increase. 
By trusting us, you can stay on top of the market and produce the highest quality goods in record time. Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve your shopper marketing strategies with our most effective technology and merchandising ideas.