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Turnkey virtual events – at your fingertips.

When you can’t be in person, the quality of your content becomes more important than ever. 

Bluewater is ready to help you deliver your important message to employees, customer, and partners. Whether you need to communicate an emergency message, communicate your business strategy, reward and recognize employees, or just run an effective team meeting – we’re here to help. 

We offer several options to rapidly deploy temporary virtual events that can be webcast to your audience. 

Remote workers in the U.S. work remotely full-time 66% more frequently than the global average.

Remote workers say they’re happy in their jobs 29% more than on-site workers.

(Owl Labs)

Explore the options.

Studio East (Southfield, MI)

If your facility isn’t outfitted with a space to quickly capture and stream quality content to either your employees or your clients, rent out our own in-house studio and production team to film and distribute Hollywood-level content right from our “Studio – East.” 

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Virtual Events

When a global disaster or outbreak happens, one of the first preventative measures that people take to protect themselves and their community is to limit domestic and international travel in order to avoid exposure. This historically prevented events from happening. Thankfully today there is technology to help bridge the gap between physical and virtual worlds. 

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Temporary Studio Sets

Need to quickly produce some high-quality videos or content that can be shared out to clients and vendors? Don’t want to invest in the full infrastructure? With our pop-up content studios, we’ll bring in everything you need — set design, technology, installation, operation — to create a high-production video or stream that will make impact wherever your audience is. 

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Temporary Conferencing Kits

When employees, customers, and partners are all working remotely, it comes a challenge to have high-impact meetings. For many there aren’t enough video enabled conferences rooms to begin with – so when demand is high, availability becomes limited. If you aren’t ready to invest in more infrastructure, a temporary conferencing kit might be the fix. 

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Digital Content Production

One of the benefits of digital communication is the ability to share more than just your voice. Investing time to develop remote presentation assets that allow for a more complete understanding of concepts, immersion into the conversation, and overall elevation of the content appeal can increase the impact remote conversations have with your disperse audience. See how presentation graphics, explainer videos, and motion visuals can elevate your communication.

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