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Healthcare facilities play a crucial role in helping human recovery and rehabilitation by meeting the health needs of patients. However, historically, healthcare facilities haven’t always been the most inviting of spaces, especially for children. Many are downright sterile and frightening.


We’ve seen a welcomed shift in the last couple of decades toward facilities that are more aesthetically friendly toward patients, especially children. At Bluewater, we’re adding a technological component to this shift with our industry-leading product, ActivePlay.


At Bluewater we understand the importance that digital signage solutions can play in delivering patient content and in a hospital’s content strategy and branding. From patient check-ins to real-time hospital bulletins to doctor’s office directories, healthcare digital signage has come a long way. But what if digital signage could accomplish even more and go beyond what we traditionally view as a screen on the wall? What if you could turn non-interactive digital signage into a beautiful, touchless, interactive system; One that has the power to comfort, distract, and delight patients and their families or guests visiting? Not only will this help with perceived wait times, but they’re practical and highly customizable.


That’s exactly what we’ve created with ActivePlay. Learn how you can enhance and even humanize the patient experience at your healthcare facility with an ActivePlay interactive wall.



ActivePlay Interactive Wall: Make People Smile 


Installing an ActivePlay interactive wall supplies everyone who walks through your healthcare facility with an immersive experience, one that lets patients play, explore, and smile. ActivePlay interactive wall displays are large, gesture-controlled interactive displays that are intuitive and easy to control. They provide a measure of positive distraction right where patients, especially children, need it most. (In the lobby, in a surgical waiting area, or even in the wing of their unit).


Many children’s healthcare facilities already offer some form of positive distraction, whether it’s a toy corner, waiting room tv, or an iPad gaming station. But these are usually formed from consumer-grade products, and the failure rate is high. We believe commercial solutions are better than consumer ones in situations like these for a variety of reasons. An ActivePlay interactive wall is the perfect commercial-grade solution for this scenario.


Benefits of ActivePlay in Healthcare Environments


ActivePlay Interactive offers numerous benefits in healthcare environments Here are just a few of the ways an ActivePlay installation can brighten your facility.


1. Hygienic, Touchless Design


Because ActivePlay is 100% gesture-based, we reduce the likelihood of transmitting disease by spreading bacteria through touch.


2. Positive Distraction in Difficult Situations


Many children have negative or anxious feelings about their visits to healthcare facilities (or for the medical conditions underlying their visits). We provide them a positive escape that simply provides a better customer experience for everyone.


3. Improved Ratings


Wait times aren’t as tiresome with an ActivePlay system installed. Patients feel more comfortable and leave with a good impression, leading to improved healthcare provider ratings.


4. Donor Recognition


Our programmable displays can be configured to recognize donors in a delightful, interactive manner.



Multiple Display Options


ActivePlay is offered in three different display configurations. Our top-of-the-line display configuration is a 1 x 5 video wall with five vertically oriented LCD panels that work together to create a seamless, ultra-wide experience.


Some spaces lend themselves better to a seamless 1 x 3 blended projection setup. If you are looking for the largest display and you have the available ceiling space to mount three projectors, this might be the best option for you.


Our last configuration option is a simple 85-inch LCD display, which is best in smaller spaces or where budget is the primary concern.


These three configurations cover the majority of environments where ActivePlay is deployed. Of course, higher-end custom installations are certainly possible. If you’re interested in exploring a custom installation, contact us to discuss what best suits your space.



Pricing Options


We recognize that not every organization is in a state of financial readiness for technology-based capital expenditures. That’s why we’ve set up a monthly subscription option. Audio-visual as a monthly subscription service is a concept that is gaining some ground, and it is certainly something to consider here if the upfront prices for ActivePlay are out of reach.


In many instances, our hospital partners fund ActivePlay walls either fully or partially through donor support, thus a monthly subscription is perfect for timeliness. It gives a lot of our partners time to run donor campaigns and receive funding from those efforts to pay for the wall, or walls. For example, if you chose to purchase a wall from us in 2019, we will install it within 4 weeks and not charge you a penny until 2020. We are happy to get creative with you regarding a subscription plan. These plans even come with maintenance and managed services, so you never have to worry about reliability.


An All-Inclusive Experience


With your purchase or subscription price, everything is included, providing you with an all-inclusive experience. We provide our full content management library, technology licensing, and all the display software and hardware you need. We also provide installation, initial configuration, and training, followed by a full term’s worth of support.


To learn more about how ActivePlay could transform your medical office or healthcare space, let’s talk. Contact Bluewater today to schedule a demonstration or to discuss what an installation could look like in your facility.