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Travel Free Meetings

Keep lines of communication open with with professional video-conference technology solutions.

While global disruptions are certainly infrequent, that doesn’t mean that your solution to communicating and collaborating with your employees during temporary disasters has to be.

Plus, taking measures to ensure that your workplace is not just functioning but thriving when employees are working from home or are outside of the office isn’t just a good idea when global disruptions take place. The workplace as a whole is slowly become more and more digital — and disasters such as COVID-19 are forcing both businesses and employees to take a look at workplace policies around remote working and flexible office hours, even once the all-clear comes to head back to the workplace.

There is no better time than right now to start thinking about adding video-conference technology and digital collaboration tools into your permanent workplace offerings.

Take a look through some of the different permanent technology installs that will leave your business prepared for continued communication during any disaster or disruption that comes your way.

55% of remote workers would be likely to look for another job if they were no longer allowed to work remotely.

83% of survey respondents agree that the ability to work remotely would make them happier.

(Owl Labs)

Explore the options.

Virtual Experience Centers

With machine cameras, you can easily create virtual tours of your office, your projects, or any other physical location that your clients may be interested in seeing. Creating virtual tours ahead of time allows you to pull up hands-free examples that may save your clients from having to come visit your office in person when traveling might not be an option.


Quick Deploy Video Conferencing

Disasters and disruptions don’t happen every day, but when they do, you’ll need a way to run high-impact meetings without skipping a beat. With Bluewater’s Video Conferencing in a Box, you’ll have a complete self-contained video conferencing system that can be pulled out when needed, or stored away when not in use.


Video Enable Rooms

You probably have a number of rooms within your facility that are great for displaying items or holding in-person meetings, but might not serve too much a purpose when employees aren’t in the office. Instead, convert these rooms into fully functioning digital spaces with audio and video solutions, that will easily allow employees to stream in from home.


Lightning Boards

When crisis hits, accurate and timely communication to your employee base is of the utmost importance. Bluewater’s Lightning Boards offer a budget friendly, turnkey solution that allows you to display branded content, including emergency alert messaging, digitally across your facilities from centrally managed system.


Collaboration Tools

While remote work is a valid option during times of crises or sickness, it’s important that your employees are working in a way that maintains (or enhances) business operations while they are remote. We have a number of software-based collaboration tools that will allow you to keep things on track and move business forward when employees work from home.


In-house Content Studio

In the event of a global shut-down, don’t rely your agency or outside production company to help you communicate with your employees. Instead, build out your own in-house content studio so that you can produce a town hall video or stream a state-of-the-union address right from your office — no matter the situation outside your walls.


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