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Every company has a story to tell. They tell it to their customers and to their employees. Their story drives their mission and creates their culture.
We believed there had to be a better way for businesses to tell their stories. A way in which interactivity and a creative experience told the story in a lifelike manner. That’s why we created Storywall.

Better Storytelling with Storywall

Storywall is a large-format touchless interactive canvas used primarily for telling the story of your brand. It can be used in numerous ways, from presenting company history to highlighting products or community or even philanthropic efforts.

The content is highly visual, and the presentation and displays are intuitively interactive. Some elements, when pressed or tapped (simpy by gesture recognition), will expand into additional elements. Users can interact with Storywall themselves, or your brand ambassador can lead a guided presentation. All of this content is created and modified with ease using our provided web-based content management system.

Benefits Storywall Brings to your Business

Storywall brings a host of benefits to your business’s physical location. We’ll highlight three.

1. Interactive Design

At its core, Storywall is an interactive product, one that users can explore at their own pace via intuitive touchless controls. It can also be configured in such a way that a company ambassador leads visitors through a presentation or company timeline. Either way, the Storywall experience is highly interactive and packs an impressive and immersive visual punch.

2. Visual Evidence of Innovative Spirit

There’s no question about it: Storywall makes a visual impact. Displayed in a prominent location, this edgy, tech-forward display communicates that your company isn’t lagging behind but instead has a culture of innovation, and cutting edge technology. This message is essential, both for your employees and attracting new talent, as well as for the customers and clients that come through your doors daily. If you’re putting this much thought into shared spaces within your office, your customers can only imagine the level of attention you will give to them.

3. Tell Your Story Completely

Every company has a story. Most companies that tell their story in a public way are doing it in a way that’s (if we’re honest about it) pretty boring. It’s just text on a webpage or wall display, maybe with a few photos sprinkled throughout.

With Storywall, you can tell your story more completely. You can use large photos, videos that are interactive, and text in combination to highlight your culture and celebrate your history. And best of all, you can make it fun and a talking point for anyone who engages.

Easy Customization and Branding Set Storywall Apart

Of course, a system like Storywall is only as good as the content it displays. Here, too, Storywall shines through. Both its customizable content management system (CMS) and the ease with which anyone can create custom branded designs make it a seamless offering for nearly any company.

Customizable CMS

Every Storywall system includes our powerful customizable content management system. With this system, you can combine text and rich media and a powerful drag-and-drop card system, allowing you to create multiple custom presentations that tell your business’s story.

Branded Designs

You’re welcome to use one of Storywall’s stock designs, but most businesses use their own custom branding. Import your own assets and build your branded design using the provided CMS, or Bluewater can even help you design custom content and narratives.

Storywall Has Multiple Display Options

Storywall is offered in three primary display configurations. Our top-of-the-line display configuration is a 1×5 video wall with five vertically oriented LCD panels that work together to create a seamless, ultra-wide experience.

Some spaces lend themselves better to a 1×3 horizontal LCD setup. This too creates an ultra-widescreen display, but it’s a bit smaller than the previous option.

Our last configuration option is a simple 85-inch LCD display, which is best in smaller spaces or where budget is the primary concern.

These three configurations cover the majority of Storywall deployments. We do offer custom installations if none of our stock options are quite right for your business. If you want to explore custom installation options, contact us to discuss what your space needs.

Pricing Options

We offer two pricing options for Storywall: the first is an upfront purchase option, and the second is a 48-month subscription plan.

Some businesses prefer to purchase their Storywall interactive displays outright as a capital expense makes the most sense for their business or business unit.
Other businesses however, prefer to normalize their costs over time with a lower, predictable monthly fee. That’s why we’ve set up a 48-month subscription option complete with managed services so that you never have to worry about anything breaking. Audio-visual as a monthly subscription service is something we’re seeing more and more frequently in the industry, and it makes sense here if the upfront prices for Storywall are out of reach.

We’re even waving payments in 2019. Any walls installed this year won’t have to be paid on until 2020.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Storywall has the potential to enliven your business’s approach to storytelling. If you’re ready to take the next step in your storytelling journey, contact us today to schedule a consultation.