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Digital signage is growing in popularity, and not just in the office.

We’ve written before about the value of digital signage in office environments, including as lobby displays that welcome visitors and as editable indicators for huddle rooms and other collaborative spaces. But there are all sorts of other use cases for digital signage, situations where having the ability to change messaging quickly and repeatedly can create significant value.

Consider these use cases for digital signage throughout several other industries and scenarios.

Digital Signage in Retail Activations

At Bluewater, we’re passionate about enhancing real-world retail experiences through digital retail activations. Digital signage in retail catches the eye in ways a poster or standalone print banner can’t. But even more importantly, digital signage can show multiple messages, and you have the ability to edit those messages as often as you want.

Retail activations benefit in numerous ways from digital signage. You can use this tech to highlight a new product or service, to advertise time-limited sales, to boost a specific brand or even create visuals for a retail pop-up.

You can also use digital signage in staff-only locations like break rooms as a more effective way of communicating employee memos, updates, and so forth. You’ll grab attention far more effectively than with a paper taped to the break room door, and you can update messaging content as often as you want through your digital signage content management system.

Learn more about Bluewater’s approach to digital signage in retail environments, or reach out now to discuss how we can help you with a similar implementation.

Digital Signage in Live Events and at Event Venues

Live events are themselves time-limited and highly experiential, making them a great fit for digital signage implementation. Often, attendees aren’t familiar with the venue. And even if they are, various live events don’t use venues in the same exact ways. What was the VIP area at last night’s concert could be the bookstore at today’s business event, for example.

Permanent, analog signage is only so helpful in live events. It can tell attendees what spaces are called, but not what spaces are being used for in the moment.

Digital signage can do it all, and it can be updated in real-time. If you need to move a breakout session to a larger room, digital signage can point the way. If a room is already full, digital signage can lead attendees to an overflow site. And these are just two examples of how digital signage can enhance live events and event venues.

Digital Signage in QSRs

One of the most common uses for digital signage outside of offices and retail environments, quick-service restaurants (QSRs) remain a massive growth market for digital signage.

Fast food restaurants are implementing digital signage seemingly everywhere: their drive-thru menu boards are going digital, as are their indoor menus. Self-service ordering kiosks are a slightly different but related category, and back-of-house signage is increasingly going digital as well.

The benefits in this space are similar to others already mentioned. Restaurants can dedicate portions of their menu boards to highlighting current specials or product pushes. They can also intelligently switch between menu types (for example, breakfast to lunch/dinner, or even custom menus like brunch or holiday themes for more upscale QSR and fast-casual restaurants).

Restaurants can even dynamically adjust pricing to account for supply chain cost spikes — without surprising customers with a big difference between the menu and actual prices.

Back-of-house digital signage for restaurants can bring all the same benefits as in retail settings, as well.

Digital Signage for Entertainment and Human Joy

Digital signage doesn’t have to be entirely static and non-interactive. Some of the most joy-inducing implementations of digital signage actually take the form of simple interactive games. Most often, this type of implementation shows up in places where human joy is most needed (children’s hospitals) or most concentrated (children’s museums).

Multiple resources are producing games for use in digital signage implementations. Some entertainment-oriented products work with a wide range of digital signage solutions, while others require certain specialized equipment.

Bluewater Is Your Partner for All Things Digital Signage

Whatever ways you envision implementing digital signage, Bluewater is the partner you can trust to help you craft that vision and build out a quality implementation. We’ve been building top-tier digital retail activations for years and have a significant background in live events digital signage as well.

Ready for help with your digital signage and signage content strategies? Let’s chat.