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When you hear the words ‘digital signage,’ what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you’re like most event marketers, it probably has something to do with a fixed screen or installation in a corporate environment or retail setting. For event marketers and producers, however, the modern advancements in the digital signage space have opened up new opportunities for show-stopping sets. 

Untimely changes to event production schedules can derail a corporate event. If a speaker cancels at the last minute because of travel issues, or if schedule changes allow for an additional content block digital signage can save the day. Printed content is simply outdated and, unfortunately, changes often can’t be made in time to adequately update event leaders or attendees.

This is where digital signage comes in. If event marketers and producers need to make last-minute changes, nothing has the flexibility of digital signage. Changes can be made immediately with minimal manual effort from the event staff. In many instances these changes occur in nearly real-time. All it takes is just a few clicks of the keyboard and you’ll have perfectly updated content ready to use at that very moment. 

Traditionally, digital signage is a smaller screen/appliance (like a BrightSign) attached to a display. Common sizes range from 60 inches to 90 inches, but depending on your event you might have a larger or smaller display. As for what’s actually on the display? That’s up to you and your team. Whether you use a mosaic display, a type of projection, or a traditional video loop, your digital sign will still bring people in and engage your event audience. The wide variety of possible content that can be shown via digital signage also makes it the perfect live event addition.

Even if your event isn’t at-risk of last minute changes, digital signage is a great option for event marketers and producers looking to add that extra ‘oomph’ to their events. Instead of going with a stagnant printed display, you can use digital signage for just about anything, including:

-Welcome messaging

-Wayfinding and directions throughout the event space

-Continuously updating schedule of events

-Breakout room signage to highlight who is currently speaking and who is up next

-Sponsor content and general sponsor visibility

-Announcements for future events

-General event updates and announcements

No matter what you’re using it for, digital signage can help mitigate risk and provide an element of creativity to traditional events. If it’s cost-savings you’re after, digital signage can actually help reduce production costs over time. Instead of wasting time, money, and resources re-printing marketing collateral every single time changes are needed, digital signage can be automatically updated for free, making it the ultimate long-term solution to unnecessary marketing expenses

If you’re considering digital signage for your next corporate event or presentation, don’t wait. The team of experts at Bluewater can help your team develop a unique digital strategy to fit your event guidelines and desired outcomes. Our talented live event specialists make it easy to leverage sophisticated technology the way your team needs to use it, for maximum flexibility and success. Schedule your personal consultation with a Bluewater specialist today!