Technology-forward fixtures, displays & environments for strong brands.

How does manufacturing fixtures and other retail displays fit into the mix for a creative technology company? We’re asked that question often. Our response? The new retail requires a new type of fixture. End caps, gondola toppers, and other point-of-purchase displays all need to tap into tech to cut through the noise.

We blend an ingenuity in design, with tech centric thinking to create beautiful retail fixtures that help move consumers to action. Our fixture team has been operating since 91, and work out of a dedicated 55,000 sq ft facility in northern Michigan that was purpose-built to handle high volume fulfillment for retail. Curious to learn more?

Ingenuity in Engineering

Technology-forward Design

We service retail needs, especially

when a solution is required at scale.

The difference is in our quality, and ingenuity in engineering, paired with technology-forward design to create retail displays that attract and inspire the new generation of shoppers.

Our customers have said our products are more durable, maintain longer useable life, are easier to service in the field, and have a higher overall finish.

What we can help you achieve

Resetting Brand Standards | Cost Reduction | In-field Service Efficiency | Attractive Tech Infused Displays

  • Visioning & Design
  • Engineering
  • Fabrication & Build
  • Installation
  • Kitting & Consolidation
  • Vendor Management
Made in Michigan
  • P-O-P Displays
  • Retail Fixtures
  • Hard Panel Signage
  • Gondolas
  • Literature Racks
  • Endcaps
  • Window Displays
  • Woods
  • Metals
  • Acrylics
  • Plastics
  • Fabrics


Let's get building.