Engineered to travel. Built to last. Designed to drive action.

Adidas is a brand that knows how to get customers excited about their products.

They also understand the benefits of not only educating customers on upcoming launches and new features but also the impact and importance of allowing their customers to try out these products for themselves.

So, when Adidas worked with their agency to dream up a traveling in-store activation that would achieve both education and product trials by activating in stores across the country, our Bluewater team was excited for the chance to help them engineer a pop-up activation that was built for life on the road.

A family interacts with the Adidas Power Pad

The Adidas Power Pad is a two-piece interactive display that is packed full of technology, experiential marketing, and effective brand activation – all in an attractive shell. The eye-catching design, which was custom built by our fabrication studio in Mesick, Michigan, is attractive sitting on its own as a store display, yet is also highly engaging for customers.

How We Built This Adidas Brand Activation

The crew at Bluewater engineered and developed the software that drove this brand ambassador-guided display, which offered customers the experience of trying on new sneakers and participating in a series of short celebrity-guided workouts, with a Simon Says-style light game between rounds. The sign-up system also provided the marketing team at Adidas with an opportunity to collect leads for future marketing communication.

Our Mesick team fabricated the branded tower, which housed all of the technology used for this experience: a display, speakers, media player, required servers, and the i/o boards used to connect the Power Pad.

The entire unit was also built with easy transportation in mind since the on-the-road activation required quick assembly and easy shipment. The three-piece design of the fixture allowed the entire display to be packed into two custom-branded crates for simple shipping and on-site setup. Additional space in the top and bottom assemblies provided storage for products, spare parts, and other required materials.

A group of teens follow a workout on the Addidas Power Pad.

Our Bluewater team was proud to engineer this fixture with gorgeous, custom-branded elements. This fixture itself was built out of a veneer core plywood sub-assembly. For the Power Pad, rubber flooring with waterjet cut inlays provided the required durability and look. The “buttons” on the pad were created by mounting pressure sensors and LED lights below heavy acrylic pieces and were cut to fit and blend into the entire unit.

To learn more about our custom fabrication and retail display builds, be sure to reach out to our Bluewater experts today.


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