A sleep experience so good, you want to take it home.

Choosing the perfect mattress is a particular and personal experience.  

When ACME Made In America reached out to Bluewater to help design and build a shopping experience for Nectar Mattress that put the customer in charge of the selection process, our team was excited for the opportunity to dream up an educational sales and software experience that wouldn’t put the customer to sleep – at least not until they had chosen their perfect mattress, that is. 

The end result was the Nectar Mattress “Take Me Home Tonight” retail campaign that led customers through the education, selection, and sales process – all without having to be approached by a salesperson. 


Our Bluewater team worked with Nectar Mattress to design and fabricate custom-built kiosk that housed a personal preference software which allowed customers to discover their perfect mattress pairing based on their personal sleeping profile. By answering preference questions on topics such as firmness, sleep type, cooling preferences, and morecustomers were custom matched with their perfect Nectar mattress – but that’s not where the experience stopped. Our Bluewater team also created a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that helped shoppers navigate themselves to their perfect mattress once they had finished their preference quiz. 

Once a shopper was paired with their ideal mattress, a signal would go to the matching mattress that was on display on the sales floor and an LED light would illuminate around that mattress, allowing customers to easily spot which product on the floor they were paired with.  

This shopping experience not only was a unique way to educate mattress consumers, but also let them control their own experience. 

These custom-built Kiosks and LED configurations were fabricated by Bluewater’s Mesick facility and will be rolled out in 100 Nectar Mattress stores across the country. Our team also built matching display cabinets with custom shelving to hold pillows, weighted blankets, and other bedding accessories for customers shopping in these retail locations. 

To learn more about Bluewater’s custom retail builds and fabrication projects, contact us today to talk with one of our retail experts. 


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