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During our most recent Webinar: No More Virtual Events! Hybrid is the Future with Bluewater’s Parallel we talked about the new post-pandemic culture that is upon us where the craving for in person interaction is counterweighted by the conveniences of remote participation. Keep reading to learn more about how Bluewater’s hybrid event platform Parallel is designed to deliver on the needs of both the in-person and virtual event experience:

The New Post-Pandemic Hybrid Culture

After the past few years of pandemic-driven virtual events, our culture has shifted. Some people are craving in person interaction while others appreciate the convenience of virtual events. Professionals in the event planning industry are being challenged to discover ways to cater to the needs of all attendees whether they prefer in person or virtual.

Benefits of Hybrid Events 

Hybrid events are the perfect bridge between virtual and online. Now more than ever, event planners are including a virtual component to their events allowing attendees to participate and engage with the event, no matter where they are. There are so many benefits to hosting hybrid events including:

  • Increased Reach & Attendance – Promote your event to a larger audience than ever could be possible in person.
  • Higher Engagement with your Attendees – Host interactive polls or have a combined Q&A session with your virtual and in person attendees.
  • More Sponsorship Opportunities – Provide live and virtual sponsors opportunities to sponsor livestreams, event apps, digital banners and more.
  • Greater Flexibility – Giving your attendees a virtual option results in more flexibility for attendees in case something happens that stops them from attending in person. For example, if there is a travel disruption or natural disaster, your attendees have a virtual option to fall back on.
  • Post-Event Access – Many hybrid event platforms give your attendees the option to access on demand content during or after the event at their convenience.

About Parallel: A Platform Built by Event Professionals

Parallel was specifically designed to deliver on the needs of both the in-person and virtual event experience. The Parallel platform wasn’t built to replace real-world events – it was designed to extend them. During our webinar, we went through a live demo of the parallel platform to show the attendee experience. Check it out here (starting around 14:30)

hybrid event platformParallel Features

The Parallel platform truly delivers a connected and memorable event experience to your virtual and in-person attendees. From robust creative options to unmatched production capabilities, these key features of Parallel will help your next hybrid event shine:

Key Features

  • Enterprise Grade Video – Leverage proven video sources like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting & more.
  • Access Anywhere – Allow attendees access to your event across the globe.
  • Layers of Content – Create multiple virtual stages, add exhibit halls, vendor booths, instructional videos, content libraries, and more!
  • Flexible Registration – Open or Secure registration options.
  • Schedule Based CMS – Flexibility in scheduling allows individual attendees to have unique schedule tracks.

parallel platform

New and Upcoming Features

  • Digital Passport – Allows attendees to collect badges for visiting specified areas or vendor booths.
  • Hybrid Engagement Opportunities – Seamless live polling, Q&A and more!

Parallel includes many additional features, including a staffed Help Desk, remote moderation, a content management library, brand customizable look-and-feel, participant video chat, and more!

Experience Parallel

Parallel was thoughtfully built by our event experts here at Bluewater to meets the real needs of events teams in a human-centric way. We’ve combined the latest in modern tech with the experience of producing real-world events. The best way to understand what Parallel can do for you is to experience it for yourself!  Schedule a Demo Today