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Coming out of the pandemic, the demand for live events is higher than it has been in quite awhile. After two years of being cooped up at home, many are craving immersive experiences and in-person interaction. Live events are definitely making a comeback but they might not look exactly how they did pre-pandemic. Venues and event organizers are being challenged to add safety, technology, and creativity to live events as we adjust to a new normal. Here are some great ways to transition back into live events while ensuring a safe and fun environment for your attendees:

Embrace Hybrid Elements

As event planners start the transition from virtual to live events, there is no doubt that the live events of today will be more hybrid than in the past. Consider incorporating some virtual elements into your live event. Livestreaming is a great way to reach a wider audience. Take advantage of the opportunity to reach people who can’t be there in person by offering a virtual option to attend. There are also great hybrid event platforms such as Parallel that can help you extend your live event into a hybrid experience.

Deliver a High Impact Experience

Create an immersive live event experience that delivers excitement and offers value to your attendees. Incorporating immersive event technology into your live event is a great way to create a memorable experience for your attendees and create a lasting impact for your brand. Consider using interactive projecting mapping or creative scenic design to help you not only leaving a lasting impression on your attendees but give them a reason to skip the virtual option and attend in person. Learn more about How to Create an Immersive Event Experience.

Incorporate Large Spaces and Fresh Air

As long as the weather allows, consider holding your event outside. Some attendees will prefer to be outside because they consider it a safer place to be. Large spaces and fresh air will help people feel both safe and inspired. Outdoor events will not work for every scenario so if you can’t move your event outside, consider using a larger venue so your attendees have space to distance from others if that makes them more comfortable.

Don’t Skip out on the Fun

The number one thing that will get people motivated to attend your next live event is the opportunity to have fun! After these past few years, people are looking for ways to reboot their brains and find a little inspiration beyond their home offices. The return of live events is a great opportunity for many to do just that. Consider incorporating a live concert, a fun theme, photo op areas, or other fun brand activations! Learn more about How to Create Experiences Worth Talking About.

Need Help with your Next Event?

Bluewater is excited to welcome back live events! As one of the nations leading event technology providers, we bring immersive platforms to life and arm our clients with everything required to support sensory storytelling across digital & physical canvases.

“While many companies had to cut back on staff during the pandemic and may not have the bandwidth to pull off a live event, we have continued to grow our live events team. We are uniquely positioned to not only support traditional A/V requests but also partner with our clients to help plan and execute large scale events from start to finish.” – BJ Mazmanian, Director of Sales Live Events at Bluewater

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