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Trade shows have come a long way from static displays, passive brochures and folding tables. The modern trade show floor is alive with interactive content that pulls attendees into our spaces and keeps them engaged. If you’re still relying on traditional methods, it’s time to make the shift from passive to active engagement. Check out the lists below and read all about it.

Interactive Content

  • Large Touchscreens can display interactive maps, product catalogs, and demo videos. For example, a car manufacturer could have a touchscreen where attendees can customize a virtual car to their liking.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) headsets can immerse visitors in a new world. Imagine, a travel company using VR to give a 360-degree tour of exotic destinations. It will pull attendees right into the experience!
  • Augmented Reality (AR) apps can overlay digital information on the real world. A furniture company might let attendees see how a piece would look in their home through their phone’s camera.
  • Adding Gamification and turning your booth into a game can make it more engaging and fun. A fitness brand could set up a virtual race where participants compete for prizes.

Engagement Strategies

  • Show your product in action. A Live Demo can be much more compelling than a static display.
  • Use tools like Interactive Slides and Presentations and quizzes to keep your audience involved during presentations.
  • Encourage attendees to share their experience on Social Media Integration with hashtags or photo ops.
  • Use data from pre-show surveys to Tailor Interactions and Personalized Experiences with each visitor.

Tools and Technologies

  • Work with tools like Tablets and Large Touchscreens.
  • VR and AR Equipment headsets from Oculus or HTC for VR or AR apps from platforms like ARKit or ARCore.
  • Platforms and Gamification Software can help turn your booth into a fun, interactive experience.
  • Social Media Walls can display live social media feeds to encourage sharing.


  • Interactive booths for Higher Engagement attract more visitors and keep them there longer.
  • Engaged attendees are more likely to provide their contact information for Better Lead Generation.
  • Interactive content creates Memorable Experiences and Lasting Impressions, making your brand more memorable.

Challenges To Be Mindful Of

  • Developing and creating interactive content can be time-consuming and costly. You’ll need a team that can create high-quality, engaging content.
  • Not everyone is tech-savvy and some attendees might be intimidated by new technology. It’s important to provide assistance or have hosts in your space to make your interactive elements as user-friendly as possible and break down any Technological Barriers.

To wrap, passive displays just don’t cut it on the show floor. By shifting to interactive content and active engagement, you can create better experiences for attendees and generate better leads amongst other benefits. It’s an investment in the future of your brand that pays off in many ways. So, next time you’re planning your trade show booth, think about how you can turn passive into active. Your attendees—and your bottom line—will thank you.

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