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Here at Bluewater, we understand the importance of mental wellness and we are dedicated to helping our people improve and maintain their mental health day-to-day. We believe that this is key to helping employees flourish! Recently, our Bluewater Culture Committee decided to devote an entire month to supporting mental wellness. For the month of July, Bluewater will be focusing on mental wellness to help our employee’s discover information and tactics to improve their mental health on a daily basis. Bluewater’s VP of Operational Excellence and Strategic Initiatives, Jaime McAlear explained the importance around this mental wellness initiative:

“Our teams hustle and are always focused on delighting our clients, but sometimes that may be hard to do if our employees are not mentally well.  Mental wellness initiatives like this remind us that taking care of ourselves needs to be a priority.”

To kick off our mental wellness initiative, we invited Dr. Gretchen Moran Marsh, Ph.D., to our headquarters to chat with our employees about mental wellness. Dr. Marsh is a clinical psychologist who is an expert on the topic of mental health. Bluewater invited employees and their families across all of our locations to view the live-streamed presentation. During the presentation, Dr. Marsh focused on tips to avoid burnout, how to create an ideal work/life balance, positive communication tactics, and how to become a mental healthy ally.

mental wellness presentationNow more than ever, we recognize how important it is to create a healthy and supportive work environment for our employees. Bluewater is excited for the opportunity to use what we learned from our session with Dr. Marsh to continue educating our employees on mental wellness. Learn more about Dr. Marsh and her mission to break the stigma of mental wellness.

Gretchen Marsh

“As a newer employee at Bluewater, I am impressed with our focus on People Centricity and the hard work that our teams do every day to make people smile! I’m excited about the opportunity to continuously support our employees on how to best maintain mental wellness” – Chavonia Wise, Human Resources Manager at Bluewater

Here at Bluewater, our mission is to make people smile and we can’t do that without happy and healthy employees! Learn more about Bluewater.