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It’s no secret that technology has greatly impacted the way we approach events. From social media engagement to ticket sales, technology has changed the game for sports & entertainment venues. In recent years, stadiums have started to integrate technology and experiential elements to engage fans even before they even enter the main event. With major advancements in interactive displays, lighting, and brand activations, these pre-game experiences have become just as much a part of the game day experience as the actual game or event itself. Keep reading to explore the innovative ways that stadiums are leveraging technology to enhance the fan experience and build excitement.

Interactive Displays & Lighting

One of the most significant ways that stadiums are using technology to excite fans is through the use of interactive displays and lighting. By investing in LED Displays and using advanced lighting techniques, stadiums and arenas can create an immersive experience for fans before they even step foot inside the venue. For example, at CFG Bank Arena, there is an immersive content-driven lighting experience on the outside of the arena. This innovative lighting system seamlessly harmonized with the outdoor LED displays, orchestrating a mesmerizing symphony of lights that responded dynamically to specific event content. This type of technology is not only visually striking but also enhances the overall fan experience by building hype and anticipation before the event begins.

Interactive Experiences

Transforming into more than just sports arenas, stadiums are becoming immersive entertainment hubs. With strategically placed interactive experiences throughout the perimeter, fans are engaged in unique ways before even entering the gates. From augmented reality games accessible through mobile apps to interactive kiosks featuring trivia contests and virtual “try-ons” of team merchandise, these experiences take pre-game engagement to the next level.

Concourse Brand Activations

concourse experienceFinally, stadiums are also using concourse brand activations to build excitement and engage fans from the moment the walk through the doors. These activations are designed to create a more immersive experience for fans, featuring interactive activities, photo booths, and other engaging experiences. For example, within the Little Caesars Arena concourse, The Meijer entryway offers multiple experiential elements – like player mannequin photo opportunity, and trophy cases with hockey memorabilia. Every side of the branded fixture had some type of new content to explore, providing an engaging experience with the brand. These activations not only build excitement for the game but also help to create a more loyal and engaged fan base.

The integration of technology outside stadiums and arenas has revolutionized the pre-game experience. It’s no longer just about the event itself but about creating an immersive journey that begins before fans even enter the venue.  As stadiums and arenas continue to push the boundaries of innovation, the pre-game experience will remain a pivotal aspect of fan engagement.

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