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At Bluewater, we’re committed to a transparent process in everything we do. From live and hybrid events to office A/V to reopening plans and sanitation, we believe in process-driven results and end-to-end transparency.

Our four-step process guides us in every project with every client, no matter the specific solutions the client needs. We’re proud of our process and confident in our ability to deliver results with it.

Still, we understand that it’s one thing to read about a process in the abstract. It’s another to see it in action.

We recently completed a multi-site project for Tapper’s Jewelry Company which served as a great illustration of our method. Below you can see how the four steps to the Bluewater method led to the results Tapper’s was looking to achieve.

About the Client

Tapper’s Jewelry Company is a luxury jeweler serving the greater Detroit, Michigan, area since 1977. The firm has three retail locations and corporate office space and turned to Bluewater back in 2018 to handle experiential A/V for the company’s new Somerset Collection location.

From that first successful build, Tapper’s continued to partner with us. In the last few years, Bluewater has assisted Tapper’s with an AV refresh within the company’s flagship store in Orchard Mall and with various AV and collaboration upgrades in the company’s corporate headquarters.

Here’s how the Bluewater method led us as we implemented the technology Tapper’s needed to enhance the customer experience and generate results.

1: Align

At the beginning of any project, we start with an alignment process. We sit down with the client for a brief fireside chat. You tell us what your pain points and vision are. We need to learn what goals you have in working with us.

With Tapper’s, the company wanted to enhance its visual presence beyond “just another mall jewelry store.” Tapper’s is selling an elevated product, and they needed eye-catching visuals to match.

They also weren’t entirely satisfied with the customer’s listening experience while in store, and they later realized the need for better collaboration and videoconferencing ability in their corporate offices.

After we’ve heard your message and vision, we’ll get to work and come back with an overview. That overview includes the pain points we heard from you, our assumptions about your business, and our proposed solutions.

We followed this process with Tapper’s, culling some solutions and adding some others in the process. Eventually, we were aligned on a vision and ready to start designing solutions.

2: Design

The deliverable in step 1 is intentionally high-level: we want to know what’s resonating with clients, and just as importantly, what isn’t. But once we’ve settled on a direction, it’s time to get specific.

During the design phase, we work together with clients to establish a detailed execution statement of work that specifies exactly what this project will look like. We get into code details, hardware and construction needs, and finished-product aesthetics.

With Tapper’s, we developed a detailed plan for exactly which video solutions the company needed (and where they would go). We planned where these AV elements would go based on how they were intended to be used.

For the retail stores, we settled on an eye-catching 3×3 video wall as the centerpiece, along with numerous other screens deployed strategically throughout the space. We also included audio speakers throughout the store for enhanced audio ambiance and messaging.

3: Execute

Once our client agrees with the design proposal, it’s time to execute. Every solution should look seamless and intuitive to the customer, but there’s always a ton of logistics to get there. Bluewater handles the logistics of install execution in-house. You can always know you’re dealing with Bluewater, not a sea of less-accountable subcontractors.

Our execution at Tapper’s was done as a part of new build and renovation, respectively, while our work at corporate headquarters was done in place. In each location, the finished results speak for themselves.

4: Support & Measure

Our work isn’t done when the installation or deployment is complete. Many of our clients are purchasing systems with ongoing needs or complexities, and Bluewater is there to support those systems and measure results.

We always go back to the intended business objectives agreed upon during the alignment phase. Are these installs and solutions continuing to meet those objectives and solve those pain points? If not, Bluewater Support is there to resolve the issue.

Upon execution of the plan for Tapper’s, we measured whether the project met the initial objectives of improving customer experience and setting Tapper’s apart from lower-level mall retailers. We also offer ongoing support of the systems we installed, should Tapper’s encounter difficulties with them in the future.