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When blueprints for a new office design are being drawn up, technology should be considered in the earliest conversations about the construction project. We see far too often that AV is an afterthought and thus the most optimal solution for the client isn’t what ends up being installed. The last thing senior members of the operations, or facilities teams want is to hear years of negative feedback surrounding conference room AV in new construction or freshly remodeled offices. While most new technology is compact, it’s not an excuse for neglecting AV it when it comes to design. It’s important to ensure the space can accommodate the equipment and that the cabling and system technical aspects support long-term growth and scalability.

AV for architects doesn’t have to be an afterthought that is considered when the space is already built or remodeled. AV integrators like us provide opportunities to engage in what we call a design-build. Not only can we help to install and service the system(s), but we can also help architects optimally design the system for visual and acoustic clarity within the space pre-construction phase. When conference room design considers AV technologies and their purpose, it’s vastly easier to create a functional yet, one-of-a-kind office space, where the system integration is seamless and hardly noticeable.

Rather than simply having a company come in and hang some ceiling speakers here and there, a partnership with an AV integrator like Bluewater ensures that architects, developers, and even general contractors are able to provide a space that dazzles everyone while staying technologically maximized. We have the latest cutting-edge audio-visual technology available, resulting in a space with the highest level of functionality while still providing an aesthetically pleasing look and feel. Depending on client needs, a high-quality sound system might be sufficient, while others might want a jaw-dropping high-end video system.

Signage utilization in a heavily designed corporate headquarters to enhance the visitor experience.
Signage utilization in a heavily designed corporate headquarters. Used to enhance the visitor experience.

Fully Functional Conference Room Design With Audio Visual Technology

When AV technologies are part of the construction plans of a new or remodeled office design, the functionality of the space can be maximized. Bluewater has superior AV packages featuring all the leading brands that can be customized to the conference room design. We can provide the exact specifications of our technology ahead of time to foster collaboration in the design process.

Our AV packages can even be purchased on a subscription basis so that companies can avoid another large capital expenditure on top of their costly real estate investments or office remodels. A low monthly payment (often times in the hundreds of dollars range) can deliver a space that makes architects and developers proud and leaves customers in amazement with the integrated space. Our subscription clients even receive managed services included, so there is never a reason to worry about up-time or reliability. Not only that, but every three to four years Bluewater can upgrade clients with the latest and greatest cutting-edge package. Having helped to design the audio-visual system and the space initially, we will know what upgrades are vital and eliminate waste while creating an optimal enhancement.

huddle space design
A recent huddle space designed with a focus on audio-visual technology

Whether you’re an architect or developer seeking kiosks, LED flooring, screens, projectors, wireless collaboration, or even lobby experiences; partnering with a leading AV integrator is vital to ensuring that your clients have the latest systems in their office design.

conference room design
An interactive conference room

Benefits of Incorporating AV Into Early Office Design 

When you incorporate Bluewater’s audio visual equipment and expertise into office design, your clients will see and appreciate the forward-thinking scalability for years to come. AV equipment is inevitably a need for every office, so rather than trying to find a place to fit it in or hanging the equipment once the office is built or remodeled, it’s more efficient for all parties to include the office technology early in the building process.

Conveying Brand Messaging through Workplace Design
The United Shore lobby, complete with transformational LED that enables a mixed-use space.

Employee productivity will also increase when the latest office technology is incorporated into the blueprints for a new office or remodel. Your client will find their employees can complete work faster and more efficiently with our conference room tech. And of course, with greater employee efficiency comes increased productivity.

huddle space AV
United Shore outdoor-themed wireless collaboration enabled huddle space.

In business, perception is everything, especially amongst your clients and competitors. If you want a modern tech-savvy space, then keeping up with AV development and trends should be a priority. The best way to do this is through a true partnership with an integrator. When the next project is ready to begin, Bluewater will be available to help design, build, and maintain your client’s office AV. We want our architectural partners to be known for developing spectacular spaces with the best office technology available in the industry. We help by eliminating your worry about the audio-visual components of the space.

Partner With Bluewater Experts On Your Next Office Project

Bluewater provides the best AV for architects, builders, contractors, and developers. We can provide the technology incorporated in your conference room design or suggest the best office technology to add to blueprints and design comps. Our team of experts is available to work with you through every step of the process. We can even refer you to some of our partners to discuss how we’ve helped each other become leaders in this industry

We typically start with an informal chat to understand the business and space being built or remodeled, but the real work starts long before then as we truly aim to get to know our partners on a personal level. It’s about more than just business for us at Bluewater. We want to form trusted friendships built on reliability, communication, and openness that span not only years but decades. Once we understand your business needs, we can help you design your spaces with all of the latest AV systems that will bring the clients you serve into the very cutting-edge of modern office technology to improve employee productivity. When it’s time to execute the design, our team is ready and available to engage in strategic consulting with you. We want to make certain that your design and build schedule are prepared to properly install the audio-visual technology.

When you partner with Bluewater, we are in it with you for the long haul. We aren’t successful unless you are. Contact us today to learn more about our AV packages. We even offer accredited AIA courses and other educational and training tools for architects and developers. If you would like us to come speak to your firm, we’d love to do that as well!