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In the world of workplace productivity and audio/visual integrations, there is no shortage of options for organizations looking to expand their digital reach. With so many options on the market, finding the best option for your team can be a challenge. For most brands, finding the right corporate communication and technology systems means finding a solution with a fast implementation time that is easy for team members to use.

Because there are so many options, many brands find tools that are meant for individual consumer use instead of commercial use. Without a dedicated partner helping to facilitate this buying and implementation process, businesses often don’t realize the difference until it’s too late. While consumer products might be attractive at first because of the cheaper price point, they aren’t built to handle corporate-level workloads or commercial-grade data integrations. For businesses looking to invest in technology that’s going to keep your team efficient and moving forward, commercial products are the best choice, hands down.   

Why commercial products are better than consumer ones

Other than commercial solutions being inherently built for corporate use, there are a couple of other benefits they bring to the table over consumer products:

They come with commercial-level warranties to protect your team against any issues or problems. Because many commercial A/V and technology products deal directly with protected data and private information, having a strong warranty in place is critical. Commercial products not only have warranties that protect your investment, but they also have clauses and security measures to keep your private data safe. While not uncommon, it’s much harder for security breaches to occur on commercial systems because the safeguards are so much stronger. These security protections plus warranties (which legally and financially protect your business) are things that just aren’t available in consumer-grade products.   

They give your technology team access to direct support and set-up resources for long-term success. Typically, in consumer product purchase situations, a person is on his or her own after making a technology investment. If any support is required, it’s often only found through online forums or after waiting too long on the phone for customer support. Commercial solutions, on the other hand, require a more long-term investment that includes a dedicated support resource. Many commercial brands will come in-house to help customers set up their new solutions, train employees on how to use the new tools, and remain in-touch down the road. This creates a mutually beneficial relationship for both sides as it allows companies to feel confident and secure in their technology investment as well as gives commercial product brands the chance to deliver amazing customer service and create loyal business relationships. If your team is going through a technology buying process, just know you don’t have to do it alone. The Bluewater team is full of A/V and technology system integration specialist who are happy to answer questions and help narrow down your options. Additionally, working with Bluewater gives you access to an in-house technical bench that can act as your go-to resource for support and guidance throughout the implementation process. At Bluewater, we work hard to implement simple solutions with maximum operating potential. You can learn more and schedule your one-on-one consultation here.