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The lobby in your office plays an interesting role. It’s both the first thing visitors see, and the last thing they will experience when visiting. This gives it a powerful position in the customer journey, as it can set the tone for the experience that day and it can provide a final touchpoint in creating lasting brand awareness when your visitors leave. To capitalize on the position that the lobby can hold in the customer journey, many brands are leveraging technology to elevate the overall lobby experience.

What does that look like? Well, depending on what’s desired for the space (entertainment, education) and what budget is applied toward it, these lobby experiences can take a few forms. They can be as simple as a single digital sign, to over-the-top immersive environments that make use of custom millwork and embedded technology to create some magic. We’ve seen a number of interesting lobby experiences (seeking them out is something of a hobby for us), and from our visits, we have compiled four favorite technology-driven elements for elevating lobby experiences.

1. Personalized Digital Signage that welcomes guests by name. If you already have digital signage in your lobby, this is a great way to elevate the touchpoint. A simple web interface lets you quickly type visitors’ names and have them appear on screen within seconds. The best part about this is that text can be animated, and otherwise treated to fit your brand through some neat After Effects wizardry. 

2. Visual canvasses that display data back as art. This is a really fun method of keeping content feeling fresh. Data that your business generates daily — weather, traffic, building occupation, noise levels, and just about any other data set that you can think of — can all feed regenerative motion visuals, bringing them to life and keeping things interesting for visitors for much longer. As we continue to see advances in AI, these concepts should continue to get much more interesting to experience. 

3. Interactive company timelines or catalogs that visitors can explore. Since the lobby can act as both a gathering space and a waiting space, there is generally a captive audience hanging around, at least for a few minutes. Making self-guided interactive elements available can provide something intriguing for those waiting to engage with, and transforms the wait experience into an educational brand touchpoint. We’ve also seen these interactives used by sales teams as part of a guided tour, which gives bonus points for the dual purpose!

4. Architecturally integrated media or “techoration.” These are visual canvases built in non-traditional ways. You can think of them much more like living art pieces, than digital signage. They are created by using multiple-size displays in different orientations, mosaic panels, or LED that’s been masked or trimmed in to give it unique shapes. These setups are definitely more visually stimulating than a single screen, and with the right content can make nearly everyone pause to soak in the beauty of digital art.

These are just a few of our favorite elements. We call these out for their simplicity and effectiveness in creating moments of excitement for visitors. There are plenty of other considerations for pulling together an experiential lobby, but we’ll have to save that discussion for another day.

If you’re interested in exploring ways to elevate your customer journey and your lobby experience, don’t hesitate to reach out to chat. We’re happy to share with you what we’ve seen work, and help concept something perfect for you. Just hit contact below and let us know what you’re thinking!