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For decades now, companies of all sorts have relied on live events to communicate all sorts of internal and external messaging. Customer-centric sales-oriented events, sector-focused trade shows, or internal town halls and investor presentations all work beautifully in a live format.

Live events have been essential for many businesses — and they’re the lifeblood for some. Doing business without them would’ve seemed impossible a couple years ago.

Paradigm Shift

Enter COVID-19.

We don’t need to remind you how much the world of business operations has changed since the beginning of the pandemic. Like us, you’re living it every day.

For months, live events were completely shut down. Even if your business is located in a state that’s fully or partially reopened, you’re likely still feeling the effects of the pandemic on live events, despite many starting to come back in full or hybrid models.

Unprepared for Change

Nearly overnight, organizations rushed to turn live events into virtual ones. As lockdowns eased, some events have started transitioning to hybrid, with both a smaller (and often distanced) in-person audience and a larger virtual audience.

The effort that many events teams went through to pull off these transitions was nothing short of monumental. In the early months of the pandemic, companies pulling off virtual events at all would call it a victory.

There was (and still is) one big problem here, though: the vast majority of businesses simply aren’t equipped to run virtual or hybrid events. This is true even of organizations with in-house events teams. For most organizations, the idea of a hybrid or virtual event had never crossed the radar until COVID-19.

There’s a massive need for an all-in-one solution that handles live, virtual and hybrid events with both ease and experience.

At Bluewater, we’ve created just such a solution, and it’s the first of its kind. We’re excited to introduce you to, the first and only virtual event platform built by event pros.

Introducing is a state-of-the-art virtual event platform from the minds and techs of Bluewater, an industry-leading experiential and events company. Our Parallel virtual event platform augments or extends your live events, so it’s perfect for hybrid events and virtual-only events alike.

We provide an intuitive, customized front end that will make sense to your attendees, plus a robust backend featuring enterprise-grade video, a schedule-based CMS and support for sponsors, we even have a virtual trade show floor if that’s something that could be beneficial. All of this is packaged into a platform built for the real-world needs common to events.

3 types of virtual events

Wow Guests with a Virtual Event Space and Exhibit Hall is far more than a glorified video stream. Your guests will be impressed with an intuitive virtual event space, where they can click into multiple virtual spaces and presentations or even over to the virtual exhibit hall. Attendees can explore Stages, Exhibit Halls, Booths, Content, and more— both live and at their own pace. The platform even has virtual breakout rooms for team sessions or specific content reviews.

Virtual Event - Essence Festival

Virtually Mingle with Rich Chat and Video Chat

Networking is a huge component of many live events, and we’ve created some virtual tools for your next event. Participants, presenters and event staff can all use rich chat and even video chat to connect and network.

Designed by Event Pros, Not Silicon Valley, functions better than other solutions because it’s designed from the ground up by event pros, not by Silicon Valley. The Bluewater team has decades of live event experience and intuitively understands the needs clients have. The platform is built with your real-world needs in mind — not the needs that some Silicon Valley tech firm thinks you have.

Big tech had some limited solutions in place before the pandemic began (there’s a reason Zoom became a household name about a year ago), and it’s rushed to create events and virtual presentation solutions in the past year. But these solutions miss the mark because the teams that made them are tech people, not events people.

Only Bluewater has the right combination of an award-winning live events team and a capable software team. is just as tech-forward as the rest, but it has a deeper understanding of real-world events management baked into its core.

Hands-on, Professional Virtual Event Staffing and Management

In the pre-COVID days, there were plenty of firms that lacked an internal events team robust enough to execute a large-scale event, so they turned to firms like Bluewater for that level of professional staffing and event execution. And it’s the same today with virtual and hybrid events.

Many businesses need more than a platform to host a successful virtual or hybrid event. They need an outside team to execute the event. We offer this kind of hands-on staffing and management alongside, so you can rest easy, knowing that our award-winning live events team and our skilled software team will staff and manage your virtual event and platform for you. We also offer strategic consulting to work alongside any internal teams or agency partners in the planning stages of your event.

Need the Tech to Go All Virtual? No Problem

If you’re looking to host an all-virtual meeting (say, a company town hall) and you want to do better than “company executive on a custom Zoom background,” Bluewater can help. You bring the on-camera talent, and we’ll do the rest with our 30-foot LED wall and professional-grade on-site studio. Learn more about our broadcast and streaming studio services.Ready to dive deeper into Parallel Live, our parallel virtual event platform? Check us out at Ready to see what we can do for you? Request a demo today.