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If your current AV equipment looks like it’s from the 20th century, it may be time for a conference room refresh. While it may seem like it’s more cost-effective to purchase equipment and maintain it over time, it’s not the case in this day and age. Technology is being developed and upgraded at such a rapid rate that it’s more cost-effective to turn to an audio-visual subscription service than it is to purchase the equipment you need to keep your conference rooms and huddle spaces running smoothly. Additional value can be created for users as managed services are a part of the subscription services offered by Bluewater. Thus, reliability and maintenance are never a worry.

With AV as a service (or AVaaS), you receive the most up-to-date equipment that is properly maintained and able to handle your business’ busiest days.

A conference room refresh doesn’t have to be a difficult feat. Bluewater offers a variety of options to help businesses of all sizes gain the AV technology they need to perform their daily business. 

Let’s be honest…

Some of the Benefits of turning to a conference room technology monthly subscription include:

-You’ll have the strongest, most reliable, technology available to maximize local, national, and international collaboration

-Technology can be refreshed every 3-4 years to stay on top of technological advancements. This reduces maintenance concerns and keeps your company on the bleeding edge of the latest and greatest A/V.

– You’ll find improved employee productivity and customer experience with new advanced technology.

– There will be more money available in your budget to invest in growth (R&D, sales, marketing). Gone are the large capital expenditures!

-Easier to get budgets approved since this is an operating expense, not a capital expense. Who doesn’t want to spend hundreds per month rather than tens of thousands in one year!

-Managed services are included meaning you leave the maintenance to us at no added cost outside of the subscription.

-Help desk and 24 hour SLA for service calls available.

To Recap…

Budgeting for AV as a Service

AV as a service is easier to budget for than purchasing technology outright. This is due to the approach of creating low monthly payments that flow through a company’s operating budget, as opposed to shelling out a large chunk of the company cap-ex budget for technology that will become obsolete in just a few years (oftentimes before it is even depreciated fully by your accounting dept.). Since an audio-visual subscription service is an operating expense, upper management typically has few issues approving the expenses. Should you receive any pushback from upper management, the benefits of investing in an audio-visual subscription service go beyond cost savings. Employee productivity is improved immensely as all technology works more efficiently. Calls are smoother and all audio-visual equipment performs at optimal levels.

AV as a Service Promotes Growth 

Better still, now that your company is saving money on large technology purchases, more of your budget can be allocated to growth. Investing in R&D allows you the opportunity to improve current products/services and develop new ones so your company can emerge as a market leader. Without this additional budget, your company may lose out on the opportunity to get ahead of the competition. 

Use Cost Savings to Ramp-Up Sales & Marketing Efforts

Additionally, the budget savings can often time be allocated to sales and marketing. When operations or facilities are helping to facilitate growth, everyone truly wins. By beefing up your sales and marketing automation technology, you can have a clearer understanding of your pipeline and better manage your leads. You can begin to identify trends and drop-off points in the pipeline, and then decide on ways to improve your sales process. With more money dedicated to marketing, you can reach a wider audience or heavily invest in advertising to your niche market. Who would have thought your office a/v decisions would have such wide-reaching implications!

When you need a conference room refresh, step away from the “buy now” button and contact Bluewater. We can be your single source company for all of your AV needs that can provide you with the most up-to-date resources for your conference room technology monthly subscription to keep your business running at maximum capacity – without the hit to your bottom line. With technology that is replaced every four years and properly maintained to prevent any issues in the future, you can rest assured that AV as a service is your best option for your newest conference room tech. 

A simple conference room subscription can look great with our smart enclosures and perform flawlessly with the latest technology.