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Events have always provided a powerful way to spark collaboration and create connections. In today’s technology fueled era, the power of events is more relevant than ever.

With that in mind, here are five things we’ve learned working events about how companies adapt, evolve, and succeed in the age of tech.

1. Events Generate Many More Leads Than Are Actually Followed Up

Most all of us will invest considerably to participate in the various events within our industries. We do this to connect to audiences to share stories. What happens after the event is interesting. Looking at different data sets available, and seeing first hand what’s done with leads after an event, we find that many exhibitors do not follow up with all the leads captured during the event, or only follow up in a minimal way. Make sure you’re spending the same amount of effort crafting your followup strategy as you are preparing your exhibit! They’re two sides to the same coin and both equally important.

2. Tech Support Can Make or Break a Team’s Event Performance

Technology, used properly, can relieve your team of logistical pressure, help increase attraction and throughput, and ensure information is flowing properly post event. The time saved by leveraging tech can then be spent connecting with others at the event — which is the primary driver for attending an event in the first place. The importance of on-site technical support for technology driven experiences is paramount, yet many choose to pass on it, or overlook it. Try not to leave your team supporting the space when they could be out making connections!

3. All the Technology in the World Cannot Substitute Face-to-face Conversation

We’ve seen, participated in, and been able to support some absolutely incredible events and exhibits in our time. There’s one thing all of them have in common: people. There are people supporting them, and more importantly providing face time and conversation with the participants. People create the community around the event. While technology can certainly supercharge things, its real purpose is only to increase communication and collaboration amongst participants. It’s best not to use tech for tech sake.

4. Technology can Fuel Conversations That go Beyond an Event

When sales reps put event technology to good use, event interactions begin early and continue long after the event. And so do the sales. Technology can expand interactions well beyond the venue, providing much needed touchpoints that drive additional conversations. These are the conversations that build relationships and generate opportunities. Consider leveraging technology to create unique experiences that will spark conversation, and provide assistance in following up on conversations.

5. Frequency is Still the key

Marketers and sales pros alike know selling is a process. While an event is a great touchpoint that can leave a lasting impression, it’s just one piece of an ongoing dialogue. While immediate wins can happen, frequency in contact is still key in maximizing the investment made in events, and ultimately responsibility for landing new accounts. Even if you only exhibit / host / attend one event a year, there are ways to leverage tech to maximize the number of touchpoints generated from that event. Just something to keep in mind while planning.

The Bottom Line

A live event can certainly engage people and bring a brand’s story to life. Paired with the right technology, however, it can transform participants’ individual responses into shared experiences. The creation of community can change everything, and makes the job of followup much, much easier.

If you’re ready to create a lasting impression through your next event, reach out! We’d love to be part of it.